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Yin Yoga High Caterpillar Pose

Incorporating specific poses & variations into your yoga practice can open up a world of therapeutic benefits, both physically & emotionally. Let’s explore the High Caterpillar Pose with Eagle Arms, supported by a bolster, which offers a profound experience of relaxation & targeted release for various areas of the body.

yin yoga high caterpillar with eagle arms - yin yoga asana variation

Pose Overview:

In the High Caterpillar Pose with Eagle Arms, you will allow your spine to gently round, simultaneously relaxing the shoulders & neck while being supported by a bolster. This pose primarily targets the following anatomical areas: Neck, Arms, Shoulders, and Spine.

The High Caterpillar Pose with Eagle Arms is a yoga pose that offers a transformative experience by engaging various meridians in the body, incorporating both Yang & Yin aspects.

Yin Yoga Meridian Magic:

Yang Meridians:

  1. Urinary Bladder Meridian: The pose stimulates the Urinary Bladder meridian along the back of the body. This meridian is associated with the flow of vital energy (Qi) & is often linked to aspects of water & fluid regulation in the body.
  2. Triple Burner: It also engages the Triple Burner meridian, responsible for regulating the body’s overall energy distribution & communication between organs.
  3. Small Intestine & Large Intestine Meridians: These meridians, located at the back of the arms & shoulders, are activated in the pose. The Small Intestine meridian is related to digestion & absorption of nutrients, while the Large Intestine meridian plays a role in elimination & waste removal.

Yin Meridians:

On the Yin side, the High Caterpillar Pose with Eagle Arms pairs with other meridians:

  1. Kidney Meridian: The Kidney meridian is associated with the body’s foundational energy, often considered the source of Yin energy.
  2. Pericardium/Heart Meridians: These meridians relate to emotional well-being, love, & the functioning of the heart. The Pericardium meridian is responsible for protecting the heart.
  3. Lungs Meridian: The Lungs Meridian is connected to the breath, respiration, & the body’s vital energy.

Modifications for Comfort: To enhance your comfort during the pose, you can make several modifications:

  • Add extra support under your knees using padding or a bolster.
  • Use blocks between your legs to increase the height of the pose.
  • If your hands can’t naturally come together in the Eagle Arms, you can hold the wrists, fingers, or any comfortable position.
  • Consider performing closed wing arms while still being supported by a bolster or an additional cushion to target the same area along the back of the arms & shoulders.

Acuyin Exploration: For those who can easily bring their hands together in the Eagle Arms, there are additional Acuyin options to enhance the meridian-based benefits:

  • Press into the tip of the index fingernail to activate the Large Intestine meridian.
  • Focus on the tip of the fourth (ring finger) to stimulate the Triple Warmer meridian.
  • For the Small Intestine meridian, direct your attention to the outer corner of the little fingernail. This nuanced approach enhances the meridian-based benefits of the pose.

Mindful Considerations: As you settle into the High Caterpillar Pose with Eagle Arms, it’s important to invite a mindful breath into the back of the heart space. This breath symbolizes the heart’s fiery expansion, promoting a sense of awareness & connection to the physical & energetic aspects of the pose.

Incorporating this pose into your practice offers a profound journey into the world of meridian-based Yin yoga. Embrace the physical & emotional benefits, & let this transformative experience guide you toward greater relaxation, balance, & self-awareness on your yoga journey.

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Explore the Yin Yoga Caterpillar Pose with me

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