Sometimes, by letting go & going with the flow, it all gets done.

Lao Tzu likened the Tao to water. The strength of the water in overcoming adversities is not by going against the current, but consistently flowing through our obstacles. Soft & flexible, water is either still or it flows; it is active or passive. It simply follows its nature & adjusts itself accordingly to the circumstances around it.

When we’re inflexible we usually end up opposing the natural flow of life & may try to force our way to get what we want. Our rigidity doesn’t make us strong, it makes us vulnerable. Lao Tzu points out that a tree which stands rigid is likely to snap when a storm hits. The tree that has flexibility, however, will easily weather any storm. Its branches will bend with the wind rather than be broken by it.

Inherent in this is being able to trust life itself. All things in life ebb & flow. This quote is reminding us to have the wisdom to align ourselves with the way of the universe, so when life throws us obstacles, to be like water, focus our energy wisely & to work with the natural flow of life rather than against it. Sometimes by letting go, & going with the flow, it all gets done.