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Akirayoga Yoga Studio & Teacher Training School Bali for immersive Teacher Training in Bali


Dive into an immersive Yoga Teacher Training experience in Bali. Our studio offers a accredited 200-hour Anatomy/Vinyasa/Yin course alongside specialized 50/100-hour Yin & Chinese Medicine programs. Set in a breathtaking paradise, these courses are designed to deepen your practice & teaching skills under the guidance of seasoned experts. Embrace this opportunity to grow in one of the world’s most beautiful settings, where you’ll connect with like-minded individuals on a journey of self-discovery & professional development.

Bali Yin Yoga Training 100-Hour

Integrate Chinese Medicine wisdom into your Yin Yoga practice with our 100-hour Bali Yin Yoga Teacher Training program. Yoga Alliance. Discover its purpose & methodology. From $770. Nestled on the serene Nusa Lembongan island, this Accredited course is ideal for both aspiring instructors & practitioners, With a comprehensive curriculum, & set against a perfect backdrop of Bali’s breath-taking landscapes. Join a community of like-minded individuals to elevate your personal practice & professional growth.

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