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Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

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Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training
50 Hours
Yoga Alliance

Unravel withYIN

Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training program combining body movement, mental resilience techniques, & developing emotional quotient.

This online Yin yoga teacher training is an entirely self-paced teacher training program to gently guide you through all the fundamental aspects of Yin Yoga with Chinese Medicine principles

You will gain invaluable knowledge of the Yin yoga practice, including the history of Yin yoga, philosophical & physiological aspects, how to place this theory into the application of Yin yoga, & how to take key principles off the mat.

Understand what Chi is, the Meridian system, Yin Yang theory & the five-element theory. At the same time, learn the connectivity between our physical & emotional health, through the ZangFu internal organ system & sense organs, with signs of imbalance.

Applying functional yoga anatomy principles & learning creative asana variations, acupressure points, reflections & meditations for an embodied Yin yoga experience while gaining practical lifestyle tips & tools with discussions on improving your organ health & how to build emotional resilience.

Practice integrating the theory with a complete five elements 90-minute master class series, a 2-hour master class & understand meridian-focused target areas & how you can theme meridian-based classes for your teaching.

All your learning is in a comprehensive manual with over 250 creative Asana variations.

Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

ONLINE yin yoga teacher training

ONLINE yin yoga teacher training

Techniques, Training and Practice

  • Fundamental Practice Principles
  • Essential differences between Yin Yoga & other styles
  • The physical, emotional, mental, & energetic benefits
  • Ten Acupressure Points for Yin Yoga
  • Five 90-minute elemental master classes
  • A 12-hour full meridian master class.
  • Four meditations & a yoga nidra practice
  • The 7 asana Archetypes & target areas
  • Over 250 Archetype creative variations
  • Functional Yoga for Yin yoga asanas

Chinese Medicine Anatomy & Physiology

  • The Zangfu organs & sense organ connections.
  • Internal & external symptoms of disharmony.
  • The 12 Meridians of Yin yoga
  • The Governing & Conception Vessels
  • The duality of Yin & Yang energy
  • The Meridian flow of Qi
  • The Meridians & emotions
  • The Meridian clock & lifestyle

Yin Yoga Philosophy

  • The history of Yin Yoga – a timeline
  • The principles of Taoism
  • The concept of Chi & Yin Yang theory
  • 5 Element Theory in Chinese Medicine
  • The fundamentals of each Element
  • Applying 5 Element & Meridian Theories to Yin Yoga

Taking our Practice off the mat

• Strengthen the Liver & Gallbladder organs
• Letting go of anger & resentment.
• Strengthen the Heart & Small Intestine organs
• Getting unstuck & achieving your goals
• Strengthen the Spleen & Stomach organs
• Staying grounded
• Strengthen the Lungs & Large Intestine organs
• Complicated grief & sadness
• Strengthen the Kidneys & Bladder organs
• Turning fear into power

Asana manual includes over 250 creative variations


Theoretical Lectures

  • • Embedded with easy-to-follow interactive lectures of Chinese Medicine theory & all the essential components to maximize your learning & understanding of the connectivity of the world around you, integrated within your body, emotions & mental wellness. Igniting empowerment within, promoting your confidence to embrace & trust the pure natural essence of what holds each & every one of us.
  • • All lectures are in a downloadable 50-hour TTC manual for your teaching resource. Manual includes the 7 Archetypes with over 250 creative asana variations

Yin Yoga Practices

  • • Receive five 90 minutes Master classes that set the tone for the emergence of understanding the associated element, & meridians, their quality, & awareness attributes offered.
  • • A 2-hour Yin Yoga full body deep stretch practice incorporating all 12 Meridians.
  • • Learn something new within each class.
  • • Functional anatomy variations to suit all body shapes & skeletal structures.
  • • Reflective focus for an embodied practice – Adventure; Abundance; Trust; Harmony & Courage.

Practical Tools

online yin yoga TEACHER TRAINING

• Discover how to both nurture & strengthen each of the Zangfu organs with food & lifestyle conscious choices.

• Unravel the complexity of the associated emotions to the Zangfu organs with practical mindfulness tools, lifestyle tips, discussions & support.


  • online yin yoga TEACHER TRAINING
  • • Offering you four separate meditations to complement each Yin yoga full practice. You have the freedom to integrate them straight after the physical practice or use them at different times when needed.

Yoga Nidra

  • online yin yoga TEACHER TRAINING
  • • Offering a deep Yoga Nidra to develop self-compassion, honoring needs of rest & restoration to complement the training & to re-balance the nervous system providing a relaxed responsive state of well being.

Acupressure Points

online yin yoga TEACHER TRAINING

• Location & functions of 10 important Acupressure points, the benefits & how to perform.

Inspirational Extras

online yin yoga TEACHER TRAINING

• Extra lifestyle resources to inspire your journey & to provide ideas on how you can implement the theory into your daily life: recipes, essential oils, lifestyle tips & inspirations.

What Students Say

I just completed the online yin yoga teacher training and I am very happy with this experience. The content is great, you will learn a lot about the concept of Chinese Medecine, the elements, the meridians, and much more! All very well explained and detailed! I was scared to feel not comfortable teaching a yin yoga class with online training but the professionalism and experience of Claire made me feel confident enough to teach. Claire is a great teacher, I could feel she put all her heart and soul in this course. Thank you Claire

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I just completed my online yin yoga teacher training with Claire . The course was very neat, easy to follow and she explained really well. I really enjoyed learning with Claire. She is very good teacher. Loved how she delivered the course, calm voice and lovely settings. Also all manuals are very detailed and clear, I have them in my Ipad so that I can read anytime along with my notes. I am looking forward to future learning with Claire. Thank you very much for putting all together.

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The experience has been really amazing. I recommend new yoga teachers to take this course for deeper understanding about yin yoga. Claire explained all the connections to the physical body very well and the content was great value for money. Also, all the practice guided sessions provided gives us a chance to experience it ourselves before teaching it to the class. Loved it.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to share this valuable knowledge and practices. I gained so much wisdom. I very much enjoyed the practices and meditations. In the process filling my own cup, to be able to share from the overflow! Namaste, Corne

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The online yin yoga teacher training was fantastic. It is well structured and you are able to work through the content very easily. The manual contained all the information from the lectures and really helped to deepen the content and it is very helpful to study and review the content intensively. For me as a Yin Yoga practitioner, this course provided a lot of valuable new theoretical and practical content. It now strengthens me to share Yin Yoga with other people. The teacher Clare has a very pleasant voice and learning with her is so comfortable. Thank you very much for this wonderful course. Maria (Reiki Master)

Untitled design 7

The online yin yoga teacher training was informative and well-paced. There isn’t anything repetitive which I appreciate because it makes me feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. Lots of information to fully digest  and I feel my understanding is so much broader now. Also, the manuals are a great learning tool and I’m glad they’re a part of the course

Untitled design 3

Wonderful program, good quality videos, lighting and sound. Many of the courses I have completed on other platforms have terrible video quality. Thank you, I would recommend this course to others if they are wanting to learn how to teach yin yoga and to just get the confidence to move forward in their journey. As well it is a great course for self improvement and just taking the time out to reconnect with your own mind and body.

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I recently completed Claire’s online yin yoga teacher training. The timing for this wonderful self-study invitation has overlapped perfectly with where I’ve been lately in my journey of growing & healing. Thank you Akirayoga for the beautiful space you created & held. I appreciated the ways you modeled the power of silence & going inward, of listening with our entire body. I love that it included meridians, Chinese medicine. this course uncovered the answers I was searching for. It opened the door to the experiences I needed in order to find my next step. Namaste!

I had an amazing yin yoga online teacher training from Claire. She is not just only a knowledgeable & experienced teacher, but also a caring & compassionate life mentor. As english isn’t my mother language plus this is my first yoga training, at the beginning I was kind of scared of getting understand on all the lessons. However, her consistent encouragement & passionate truly inspiring me. The knowledge I’ve learnt from this training is more than I expected. Now I feel more confident to practice Yin on my own with awareness of what’s for me.

I completed my Yin yoga online teacher training with Claire. The experience was amazing. I got so much from the training on a personal level. Having always had a lot of Yang energy this gave me a deep feeling of balance & how to create this for others. I really fell in love with Yin & the deeper work it does on a physical & emotional level. I would Highly recommend this course for anyone wanting to teach yin or go deeper into the practice. Claire is wonderful, compassionate & so knowledgeable.

Extraordinary knowledge in Yin Yoga. My Teacher Claire Green is amazing she really changed me into positive pathway in reaching my future goal. Thank you so much for everything & love you always, Namaste

I had the most amazing time learning from Claire in the yin yoga online teacher training. She has a great knowledge of yoga in general & especially in yin yoga. She has a great way to provide her knowledge & to bring the theory into practice. I even learned a lot of things to integrate into my yang hours & personal practice. Out of the many ttc I have already done, I probably enjoyed this one the most. I would def come back to Claire if I want to deepen my yin knowledge & teachings.

After not long completing Yin yoga online teacher training with Claire… words can not express the gratitude I feel. On so many levels. I loved every minute of it. Claire is an incredible instructor, teacher & mentor. I would whole heartily recommend any of Claire’s retreats or training as she has a wealth of knowledge & her energy is so inspiring. She has the ability to transform & bring out the best in oneself. A very special soul indeed.

I did the Yin YTT with Claire. Claire is a very experienced & competent teacher. I love her authenticity & her positive energy. She provided well structured & clear information during the theory lectures. Claire guided us through different practical classes which were designed in a way that we learned to respect & get to know our own body & mind better. This served as a foundation for our own authentic teaching & a deeper understanding of the Yin Yoga theory. Highly recommended!



This online Yin yoga teacher training is for anyone interested in learning more about our physicality, emotionality & mental connections with Yin Yang theory, the five elements & Meridian system, & how we can learn the signs of disharmony, together with practical tools you can implement to create a better balance whether you are new to Yin yoga, an experienced practitioner, or a yoga teacher wishing to learn more about an embodied Yin yoga practice.


The Yin yoga online training is entirely online. Upon purchase, you will input your email & password to access the online portal where all the resources are stored. All the resources can be viewed online anytime with your login details. In addition, you can transfer the files to your preferred devices, such as a phone or tablet, to watch anytime offline.


This online Yin yoga teacher training course materials will be available for the lifetime of the course, & if you download for as long as you wish to, keep them. All the materials are available for your use at any time following purchase.


This Yin yoga online training includes 68 theoretical key concepts lessons, five 90-minute Yin yoga master classes, four meditations, a yoga nidra & ten Acupressure points. In addition, there are embodied reflections of Trust, Adventure, Abundance, Harmony & Surrender. We also explore practical ways to nurture & support the Zang fu organs & have discussions around the often difficult associated emotions, offering lifestyle tools & tips for better emotional resilience. You will receive access to all the relevant training material & manuals. This training includes an additional 2-hour bonus class, the 7 Yin Yoga asana archetypes, over 250 creative asana variations & lots of additional material to inspire & support your journey.


This online yin yoga teacher training is $395 inclusive of tax.


We are unable to offer refunds due to the downloadable aspect of all course material & associated practices.


This course is a completely self-paced online training; all the materials are yours to keep forever, so you can take as long as you want & come back to the resources as often as required.


Yes – on completion of the program, a Yoga Alliance Online Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine Teacher Training50- Hour  Certificate is awarded; these hours can be accredited towards Yoga Alliance ‘Continuing Education’ requirements for registered teachers. Akirayoga is a registered Yoga Alliance school.


Yes – akirayoga promotes an inclusive learning platform. The learning platform is easy to both access & follow, for you to complete the course easily. You can contact me directly with questions, insights & guidance using either the WhatsApp number given or the contact email.


Please email [email protected] with any questions. I’m here to help.


online yin yoga teacher training

  • • Yin Yoga Practical Training
    • The 7 Yin Archetypes & variations
    • Teaching Tools & Teaching Labs
    • Essential Anatomy & functional yoga
    • Chinese Medicine fundamentals
    • Chi & the Meridian system
    • Essential Anatomy & functional yoga
    • Yin Yang & 5 elements theories
    • Lifestyle & reflection
    • 5 hours of Teaching Practicums
    • Guaranteed classes with Lead teachers
    • Comprehensive Yin Teacher Training Manual
    • Yoga Alliance Yin Yoga Certification
100 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training 55 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training


yoga teacher training bali

Do you want to share your passion for Yoga with others & feel ready to begin your teaching? We offer a Yoga Alliance 200-hr Vinyasa & Yin Yoga ‘equally balanced’ Teacher Training with three experienced lead teachers in Vinyasa, Yin Yoga & Anatomy. Following the Yoga Alliance ethos for both styles, our 200-hour training is a sure way to begin your teaching journey with confidence.

A beautifully balanced Yoga Teacher Training, the first half of the training incorporates Vinyasa & Anatomy & the second half Yin yoga & Chinese Medicine principles.

online yin yoga teacher training

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