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Yoga Retreat Bali

Yin & Yang Yoga Retreat: Creating the Balance Between Surrender & Action

September 12th to 18th, 2022

Our Yoga Retreat Bali offers the perfect counterbalance to modern busy lives, on a paradise Bali island, the perfect setting for real YOU time.

Offering space to unwind habitual patterns & take real time out for the business of life. Our yin practices involve holding positions that stress & renew the deep, dense connective tissues. The method includes using many variations & props within the postures to relax within the target area as we hold the pose for extended periods. Within this stillness, we can then become receptive & reflective to what is happening, within & around the body, while also noticing our reactions & responses.

Yang styles of yoga are more dynamic, where we target the muscles, & often employ repetitive movements to stretch the muscles. Muscles love to get warm; they are elastic & moist, so they appreciate this form of exercise & respond well to it. Rather than emphasizing surrender, our Yang practices promote action. By creating heat within the body, these styles increase blood flow, our circulation, and build strength, stamina, & flexibility while helping you learn patience & endurance.

This Yoga retreat in Bali, will provide the perfect sanctuary & nurturing space for you to let go of stagnant energy & re-emerge completely refreshed & re-balanced.

yoga retreat bali

If we constantly push our lives forward & lead a very yang life, we can burn our energy rather than conserve it. On the other hand, if we overtly draw inwards, this can lead to a sedentary lifestyle; we can move away from being present & fall into the past. An overbalance of yin or yang can create disharmonies. They need to co-exist for our lives to be in balance.

We can often lose our sensitivity to the body’s signals, focusing on achieving results rather than feeling. By exploring the contrast between the strength & power of a yang practice and the grace & surrender within a yin practice, you will learn how to implement a mixture of Yin & Yang practices throughout your yoga schedule & practice the essence of self-care, as you learn to listen to your body & respond with loving compassion.

SURRENDER Taking the time to slow down & tune in.

INSPIRATION Through twice-daily yoga practices & motivational workshops

CLARITY Set your intentions to what you want your journey to be about when you return home.


Accommodation is external to the Yoga Studio, we do offer 3 options which are within walking distance to the venue & beach.

Options available at the booking point:

• Bungalow $180 Usd for 6 nights

6 left $273

4 left $78

• Extra nights to get more time enjoying beautiful Nusa Lembongan

• Boat Ticket and Airport Transfer


• We provide a healthy group breakfast.

• Restaurants with beachfront sunset views are all within walking distance of the venue, offering both local & western cuisine.


On the first day, your retreat begins at 3 pm, to allow time for you to both get here & settle into your accommodation, with a welcome tea, introductions to the team & your fellow guests. After this, you will be shown around the shala before your first yoga session for the week. This will be the foundation for all the following classes throughout your stay.

7/8.30am – Yinyasa Yoga – a mix of Yin yoga/slow flow.
8.30/9.30am – Buffet breakfast
10.30/11.30am – Spa Treatment
12/1pm – Lunch Break
1/4pm – Workshop/Free time
4/4.30pm – Tea break
4.30/6pm – Yin/Myofascia self massage/Acuyin Yoga Practice

What’s Included

  • Daily Yinyasa classes – a mixture of both Vinyasa & Yin yoga emphasizing building strength & resilience.
  • Evening Yin Yoga classes with a mixture of Yin/Myofascia/Acuyin release/Restorative yoga practices emphasize surrendering & serenity.
  • Pranayama & Meditation techniques.
  • A deep yoga Nidra practice on our last evening of the retreat.
  • Two workshops – ‘Connection, stillness & the art of releasing tension.’ & ‘Dharma discovery with vision boards.’
  • Learn something new each day & be inspired
  • Retreat self-practice manual & workshop content.
  • Five spa treatments of your choice.
  • A healthy buffet breakfast.
  • All props & materials used within the retreat.
  • Bali Boat return Transfer

What’s not included?

  • Lunch & dinner, stationary, journals & travel expenses. There are many Western & Local cuisine within walking distance from the studio.
  • Transport. We can organise this for you.
  • Getting here is very easy, details of how to get here is within the information pack we send out when your place is reserved & we walk you through the process.

yoga retreat bali

yoga retreat bali

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