If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete – Buddha

Being compassionate towards yourself means acting in a caring way towards yourself whenever you have made a mistake, are having a difficult time, or feel inadequate.

Instead of ignoring how you feel, you can stop & ask yourself, what is going on right now & how can I care for & respond to myself in a positive way.

Having compassion for ourselves does not mean self-pity or self-indulgence, but the ability for honest reflection for greater self-clarity, any failings can be acknowledged with kindness & do not need to be hidden. That way we can learn & grow.

You may choose to change to become healthier & happier, but this is because you care for yourself rather than feel not good enough or unacceptable as you are.

Being compassion towards yourself means you honour & accept your humanness, things will not always go the way you want them to, you will make mistakes, you will have frustrations, this is part of being human & a reality shared by us all.

Often, we can care for others but leave ourselves behind. We must learn to include ourselves with loving kindness & develop self -patience. Embracing self-acceptance & choosing to focus on progress rather than perfection.

We can develop self-compassion by noticing & changing how we speak to ourselves, forgiving ourselves for any mistakes, practicing self-care techniques within our daily routines & habits, doing what brings us joy, encouraging a healthy lifestyle & setting achievable challenges to gain positive self-esteem.

The more we can open our hearts to this reality instead of fighting against it, the more we can develop self-compassion & in turn become compassionate, accepting & forgiving towards others.