The front of the body represents the conscious mind, what we present to the world; the back body relates to our subconscious mind, what we hold in memory & our dreams.

As we open the front of the body in a pose such as Upward Plank, the back body is supporting this opening. Apart from the physical benefits, it helps us understand that the the different aspects of yourself need to work together to create the strength & stability required.

Our subconscious is our deeply rooted thoughts, ideas & feelings that we hold onto; & which determine our actions. Because the subconscious works off our deeply rooted beliefs, it is not enough to simply try to change our actions. We have to address the underlying beliefs.

You cannot heal what you won’t reveal. Providing ourselves with a space, i.e through meditating or journaling, we can identify our subconscious beliefs, & take an honest look at our predominate patterns. We can then begin to feel & release the emotion related to these beliefs. Our emotions are the primary language of the subconscious mind, as you bring your patterns into your conscious awareness, you have an opportunity to express the energy of the held emotions stored there.

Becoming aware of your mental habits lets you decide whether to “cling” to these or not. This enables you to move beyond the belief that your thoughts are “true” & to see them for what they really are. We develop self-control, objectivity, tolerance, concentration, clarity, emotional intelligence & the ability to better relate to others & ourself with kindness, acceptance & compassion.

We can apply self inquiry and ask ‘what part of myself is holding me back?’ ‘What old hurts am I holding on to?’ Then look at what’s it saying. Where’s that coming from? Is it actually true? Is it encouraging you or criticizing you? You can begin to take charge of the thoughts that no longer serve you & allow invite a better version of yourself.💛