Embrace your unique shape


In Yin yoga we focus on the target of each pose, & how to access that target; what the pose intends to stress, rather than how it looks, using variations for each student’s unique bone structure.

An example is the hip sockets, which can vary in placement, orientation, depth & size effecting range of movement & show up in poses such as Straddle/Dragonfly. How far you come into a wide leg splits position can depend on our hip sockets. Some will access a deeper wide leg position if their hip sockets are at the side of the pelvis compared to the front.

Folding forward to access the groin also depends on the femur/hip socket, you may experience ‘a catching’ at the back edge of the hip effecting how far you can fold forward.

We can look at the feet to determine what the femurs are doing, but the feet themselves are not important they just express the movement coming from the hip. We can move the feet to affect the femur to see if this creates more space as the target area here is the Groin, so it doesn’t matter what angle the legs are in. For some people, a variation like Frog may be better.

It’s all about which hand & foot position supports the pose & this varies because of individuality in our bones. If we don’t recognise this, it’s easy to make incorrect assumptions & “adjust” someone to look a certain way which could hurt or eventually cause injury.

The more we focus on where we place our fingers & toes, the more we potentially compromise the bigger joints of the body. Applying a functional approach, we use both the hands & feet in our own unique way that helps to access & stress the target area of our focus.

Embrace your unique shape & love your body