Fascia and Yin Yoga – Fascia back arm lines & Yin yoga asana


Fascia & Yin Yoga connection includes the Fascia back arm lines, which consist of your Deep Back Arm Line & Superficial Back Arm Line.

The mobility of our shoulders should allow for our body to move in a variety of ways relative to the ribs & neck. Therefore any tension/tightness can contribute to strain & potential pain patterns that can include everything from wrist pain, & headaches to lower back pain.

The Deep Back Arm Line runs from the spinous processes – a bony process of a vertebra –  through the scapula at the shoulder, to the back of the arm & little finger.

The Superficial Back Arm Line runs from the spinous processes over the shoulder & outside the arm to the back of the hand.

Fascia and Yin Yoga – The Superficial Back Line Fascia

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The Superficial Back Line (SBL), within our fascia matrix, is a continuous line of connective tissue that runs in two pieces: the soles of the feet to the heels & back of the knees. From the knees to the back of the legs, along the sides of the spine & back of the neck, all the way to the top of the head, to your brow line.

Fascia is connective tissue, that weaves its way throughout the body, it supports, & separates our bones, organs, muscles, nerves & blood vessels & connects every part of your body with every other part.

Your bones actually float in a sea of soft tissue & are held in position by our muscles & fascia.

Your fascia connects with our nervous system & brain, & this is how we feel pain, through the fascia sensory cells.

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