Functional Yoga Anatomy

functional yoga variations

Notice any difference between these two femurs, our thigh bones?

This image (compliments to Paul Grilley) shows very natural variations that can appear within our physical bone structures & helps to explain WHY no two people can ever do yoga poses the exact same way.

If our bones are different then this also means our joints can have VARYING ranges of movement.

In the Yin yoga practice, we embrace a functional approach considering skeletal differences, & often ask students ‘how does it feel?’, rather than focusing on the aesthetical alignment & how a pose may look. We may ask where you feel the stress within a pose to know how better to support you.

This means we can see many different variations of one pose occurring at the same time within the teaching studio.

Our primary objective as Yin yoga teachers is to reach the FUNCTIONALITY of the pose, this means the Target & purpose of the pose we are asking you to perform. The Yin yoga ‘shape’ you take will depend on your own body mechanics & bone structure to achieve these goals.

Your bone structure is unique, & this includes its movement, & also includes how one side of your body may differ from the other side.

As we are all beautifully different, even as teachers we may not always know what is best for your individual body.

Our role is to GUIDE you with optional ‘variations’, & to provide a safe space that allows you to try out what works best for your body, to tune into what you are feeling, to develop trust in your own ability to know how best to access a ‘target’, & to learn how to honor the messages your body offers; EMPOWERING YOU as the practitioner.

You can learn more about skeletal variations with me at my BALI Teacher Training, & how to develop a functional yoga approach, whilst also understanding your own personal biomechanics.

Experience the sensory subtleness of movement & learn how to stay present with the inner experience that Yin yoga offers whilst you relax into the beauty of YOUR UNIQUEness.

Love your body the healthy way

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