Meridians and Yin Yoga

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Experience the transformative power of the Supported Half-Frog MYOYIN Pose with Half Closed Wing Pose, a dynamic variation offering various benefits.

In this MYOYIN pose, we strategically place a ball between the block & the inner thigh, targeting the liver meridian. This posture is particularly valuable for cultivating balance in the Wood element & addressing shadow emotions such as anger.

To further enhance the pose, we incorporate a half-closed wing position, which imparts a gentle yet effective stress on the back of the shoulder & arm. This variation simultaneously activates both the Large & Small Intestine meridians, the yang meridians associated with the Yin meridians of the Lungs & Heart. These meridians embody the elements of Metal & Fire & are interconnected with emotions like sadness & stress.

Why choose to work with multiple meridians & elements?

By integrating multiple meridians & elements in our practice, we tap into the profound interplay of our energetic system, unlocking a synergistic effect that expands the transformative potential of our yoga journey. This comprehensive approach allows us to address imbalances on a multidimensional level, fostering physical well-being & emotional & energetic harmony.

As human beings, it is perfectly normal to experience many emotions simultaneously. For instance, anger & sadness often coexist & can intertwine, influencing one another. This interconnectedness mirrors the elements’ relationships, as they fulfill both supportive & controlling roles within our energetic system.

The liver meridian, responsible for ensuring the smooth flow of chi & blood, possesses an internal branch that connects with the lungs. The lungs, in turn, regulate the circulation of chi throughout the body. It is important to recognize that emotions are felt & experienced by the heart, making it a pivotal player in the emotional landscape.

By consciously working with different meridians, elements, & their paired counterparts, we can harmonize the interconnected flow of chi within our system. This approach supports us in cultivating balance, releasing stagnation, & promoting the free & harmonious circulation of energy throughout our being.

By exploring these diverse meridians & elements, we gain a deeper understanding of the intricate interconnectedness of our energetic system. Embracing the rich tapestry of meridian work unlocks the potential for profound healing, transformation, & self-discovery, allowing us to cultivate balance, vitality, & inner harmony.


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