Meridians, Fascia and Yin Yoga

fascia and yin yoga

The Superficial Back Line (SBL) is an integral part of our fascia matrix, a continuous pathway of connective tissue that extends throughout the body. It can be visualized as a dynamic line comprised of two segments: one from the soles of the feet to the heels & the other from the knees to the back of the legs, along the sides of the spine, the back of the neck, & to the top of the head, reaching up to the brow line.

As a remarkable web of connective tissue, Fascia permeates our entire body. It serves multiple purposes, including supporting & separating our bones, organs, muscles, nerves, & blood vessels. Fascia acts as a unifying network, interconnecting every part of our body with each other, ensuring optimal functioning & integration.

fascia and yin yoga

The interrelationship between fascia & Yin Yoga extends to the intricate dynamics of the Fascia Back Arm Lines, encompassing both the Deep Back Arm Line & the Superficial Back Arm Line.

The shoulders play a pivotal role in facilitating a wide range of movements to the ribs & neck. When the mobility of our shoulders is compromised due to tension & tightness in the Fascia Back Arm Lines, it can lead to a cascade of strain & potential pain patterns throughout the body. These patterns manifest as wrist pain, headaches, or lower back discomfort. By consciously nurturing the health of the Fascia Back Arm Lines through Yin Yoga, we can restore harmonious balance.

Supported Bridge Pose Variation & the Yin Arm Meridians

In traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), the concept of meridians is central to the understanding of the flow of vital energy, or “qi,” throughout the body. The meridians are pathways through which qi flows, and they are often associated with various bodily functions and organ systems. The meridians are categorized into two main groups: yin and yang meridians. The yin meridians are considered more substantial and are associated with the solid organs of the body, while the yang meridians are associated with the hollow organs.

High Caterpillar with Eagle Arms

high caterpillar with eagle arms yin yoga variations

Incorporating specific poses and variations into your yoga practice can open up a world of therapeutic benefits, both physically and emotionally.

Let’s explore the High Caterpillar Pose with Eagle Arms, supported by a bolster, which offers a profound experience of relaxation and targeted release for various areas of the body.

In the High Caterpillar Pose with Eagle Arms, you will allow your spine to gently round, simultaneously relaxing the shoulders and neck while being supported by a bolster. This pose primarily targets the following anatomical areas: Neck, Arms, Shoulders, and Spine.

Yin Yoga and Meridians

yin yoga meridians

Introducing the Myoyin Supported Half Frog pose, where we strategically place a ball between the block & the inner thigh, aligning with the path of the Liver Meridian.

This posture is a powerful practice for nurturing the Wood element & addressing the emotion of anger.

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