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Metal Element Yin Yoga – Full Embodied practice

Metal Element Yin Yoga & Season of Autumn – Shredding What Is No Longer Needed .

A Metal Element Yin Yoga Practice. As Summer passes into Autumn, the energy of Metal prevails, Metal is the energy of accumulation and releasing waste, as emerging Yin (Yin within Yang) wastes are eliminated, and only the essence is kept ready for the next cycle of nature.

Autumn reminds us of the need for shredding what is no longer needed. Metal reminds us of our purity and to remember  that we are much more than our daily activities.

It controls the lungs. Resisting this energy and holding onto old wounds can create imbalances such as sadness and grief.

This is a deep stretch class learning the art of surrender as we trust ourselves and our body during the practice.

Offering an embodied inward reflective full practice experience of Yin Yoga.



yin yoga metal element

  • Metal element Yin Yoga practice with the season of Autumn
  • Yin yoga full embodied class practice with Myofascia release.
  • Pranayama Meditation to compliment the whole class theme.
  • Marinate in silence with long holds
  • Mindful practice with deep stretches using creative sequencing.
  • Understanding & experiencing the rebound.
  • Exploring the subtler layers, from the energetic to the psycho-emotional, to the psychological dimensions.
  • Stimulating the associated Lung and Large Intestine meridians.
  • A deep stretch physically into the Shoulders, Arms, & Chest.
  • Functional approach with demonstrational variations offered to suit all body shapes & abilities.
  • Long Savasana, deep relaxation, to receive maximum benefit from the class.
  • 7 day unlimited access full class practice & Online Teacher support

$10.00 Full Class Practice

yin yoga metal

yin yoga metal

Sharing my passion for Yin Yoga & the elements.

Including full deep stretch & long hold classes that offer creativity with a wide range of postures & their variations, & to include complimentary themed pranayama, meditation & a deep Savasana into the practice to encourage a full embodied practice.

Demonstrational variations are offered within all the classes to suit all levels of practitioners from beginners to advanced, body shapes & skeletal variations.

The classes can also easily be split into two for shorter sessions which would give you 12 hour long lessons.

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