Myofascial Massage

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Myofascia massage – An effective selfmassage tool to release restrictions & tight/tense trigger points that can form within our fascia network, & which can contribute to painful conditions, effect our posture & overall physical functionality/well-being.

In its natural state fascia is a complex three-dimensional web of free-moving structural tissue that constantly shapes & reshapes itself in response to our general movements, physical habits of holding, in addition to how we manage stress & our emotions

Myoyin Supported Half Frog Pose

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Myoyin Supported Half-Frog Pose with Half Closed Wing Pose.
This MYOYIN Supported Half-Frog pose has the ball placed between the block & the inner thigh, where our liver meridian lies – an excellent posture for the Wood element & emotion of anger.
I’m showing a variation that includes a half-closed wing position to simultaneously stress the back of the shoulder & arm – in this variation we also target both the Large & Small Intestine meridians (the yang meridians paired with the Lungs & Heart Yin meridians) – associated with the Metal/Fire elements & the emotions of sadness & stress.
Why work more than one meridian/element?


acuyin jo phee yin yoga

Myoyin & Acuyin are two techniques we can bring into our personal Yin yoga practice & teaching. AcuYin integrates two holistic practices of both Acupressure & Yin Yoga. The idea is when you combine these two methods, it will enhance the benefits of our ‘target area’ within a Yin yoga pose.

In Acupressure, disease is understood as an imbalance in our vital energetic system, known as Chi, also described by other traditions as Prana, Qi, or Ki. We can show physical &/or emotional symptoms of imbalance caused by blockages within our Chi flow & the connectivity with our internal organs & health.

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