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Yin Yoga Elements 5 Class Pack

 Offering an inward reflective learning experience of embodied Yin Yoga & Myofascia release with this 5 Elements Practice Series.

Explore the subtler layers, from the energetic to the psycho-emotional, to the psychological dimensions. Using the 5 element theory with our yin shapes, you will learn how to be with all sensations & feel these layers. Whether your new to the practice of Yin yoga & Myofascia release or you’re a long-time practitioner, these creative Yin yoga classes offer an accessible & inspiring opportunity to develop & deepen your practice.

Each class you will learn something new, exploring a different area of the body with specific techniques to enhance body awareness of our connectivity with both the elements & seasons. Classes begin with a Pranayama meditation, long floor based sequences where we invite the body to release & unwind habitual patterns with both asana & Myofascia release techniques, with a deep relaxation at the end.

Receive 5 high-quality Yin yoga downloadable full class embodied practices.  

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are five elements that are integral to all life. These elements arise out of yin Qi & yang Qi. Yin & yang Qi represent the female & male energies from which all things in the universe are generated.

They are mutually generating, & neither exists without the other. That is why within the Yin-yang symbol, there is a dot of yin within the yang aspect & a dot of yang within the yin.

Both Yin Qi & Yang Qi, regulate all life on earth & reflect a deep understanding of natural law, the Universal order underlying all things in our world. They in turn give birth to the cosmic energy & it is this that manifest all existence.

The combined Qi (the universal energy of life) undergoes five stages of transformation, known as the elements. The five elements are – Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, & Water

These  five Elements are energies in motion & correspond to one of the five Yin & Yang activity stages & together, they form a repetitive cycle or pattern of Yin & Yang energy shown through the seasons. These same energies are also reflected within our own bodies & personalities.

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best yin yoga training includes

  • 10 Hours of downloadable practice.
  • Each individual practice we link with the specific element, associated season and meridians.
  • Yin yoga full embodied 2-hour class practice. Offering a mindful practice, with long holds, deep stretches & creative sequencing.
  • Understand & experience the stages of yin yoga practice, the rebound, & explore the subtler layers, the energetic, the psycho-emotional, the psychological dimensions.
  • Marinate within the silence & deepen your instinctive practice of mind body connection.
  • Offering a functional approach with demonstrational variations offered to suit all body shapes, skeletal differences & physical abilities.
  • Myofascia release techniques to embody deep fascia release.
  • A different pranayama meditation to compliment each individual practice to offer a embodied experience
  • Long Savasana, a blissful deep relaxation to ensure you receive maximum benefit from the class.
  • Learn something new with each practice enjoying a deep stretch into different areas of the body with each class.
  • The whole series is downloadable with additional online Teacher support.
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The 5 Lesson Structure

Practice 1 Yin Yoga for the Wood element

Complimentary Pranayama Meditation. Wood Elemental Energy/Season of Spring/Liver & Gallbladder Meridians. Long holds with deep stretch stimulating into the Inner thighs, Side of the body, Hips, & Pelvis. Blissful Savasana. End centering.

Practice 2 Yin Yoga for the Fire element

Complimentary Pranayama Meditation. Fire Elemental Energy/Season of Summer/Heart, Small Intestines, Pericardium & Triple Warmer Meridians. Long holds with deep stretch opening the Chest, Shoulders, Heart Centre, Outer & Inner Arms. Blissful Savasana. End centering.

Practice 3 Yin Yoga for the Earth element

Complimentary Pranayama Meditation. Earth Elemental Energy/Season of Late Summer/Stomach & Spleen Meridians. Long holds with deep stretch working into the Hip Flexors, Front of the Body, & Thighs. Blissful Savasana. End centering.

Practice 4 Yin Yoga for the Metal element

Complimentary Pranayama Meditation. Metal Elemental Energy/Season of Autumn/Lung and Large Intestine Meridians. Long holds with deep stretch releasing the Chest, Shoulder, Lungs, Outer & Inner Arms. Blissful Savasana. End centering.

Practice 5 Yin Yoga for the Water element

Complimentary Pranayama Meditation. Water Elemental Energy/Season of Winter/Kidneys and Urinary Bladder Meridians. Long holds with deep stretch stimulating the Back of the body,  lower abdominals, Groin, & Pelvis. Blissful Savasana. End centering.

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Whether you want to teach yin yoga, deepen your personal practice, or you’re just starting to learn this beautiful style, these 15 or 30 hour Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training will provide all the essentials & integrated guidance to both deepen your personal yin yoga journey & provide teaching inspiration.

Course participants receive a yin yoga certificate of completion & the hours can be used with the Yoga Alliance (or other applicable organization).

This course is entirely online. You have unlimited access, you can go at your own pace, & you can return to the lessons & the practices as many times as you would like.

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