Developing trust with the Earth energy and learning

the art of Surrender.

Full 2 hour embodied Yin yoga practice

Towards the end of Summer, fire energy begins to cool and we move into the Earth elemental energy, this is the season of late summer. In this period the activities of growth and decline are balanced. Earth is the aspect of all the energies in harmony, the Yang energies of Spring and Summer and Yin energies of Autumn and Winter. Late summer reminds us that Mother Earth gives us all that we need, reminding  us that we are one with nature.

Within the body, our earth energy relates to the stomach, spleen and pancreas. If our earth energy is out of balance our digestion can suffer, this will affect our whole system, emotional imbalances can show as worry and anxiety.

This is a deep stretch class learning the art of surrender as we trust ourselves and our body during the practice.

Offering an embodied inward reflective full practice experience of Yin Yoga.


  • Yin yoga full embodied class practice.
  • Pranayama Meditation to compliment the earth energy.
  • Marinate within the silence & deepen your instinctive practice of mind body connection.
  • Mindful practice with long holds & deep stretches using creative sequencing.
  • Understanding & experiencing the rebound.
  • Exploring the subtler layers, from the energetic to the psycho-emotional, to the psychological dimensions.
  • Whole class is themed to the season of Late Summer, element of Earth & the Stomach and Spleen meridians.
  • A deep stretch physically into the Hip Flexors, Pelvis, & Front of the body.
  • Functional approach with demonstrational variations offered to suit all body shapes & abilities.
  • Long Savasana, deep relaxation, to receive maximum benefit from the class.
  • 7 day access full class practice.
  • Online Teacher support


$10.00 Full Class Practice

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Why a 2 hour practice?

I wanted to offer a full deep stretch and long hold class that offers creativity with a wide range of postures and their variations, and include pranayama, meditation and a deep Savasana into the practice to encourage a full embodied practice.

Demonstrational variations are offered within the class to suit all levels of practitioners from beginners to advanced, body shapes and skeletal variations.

The class can also easily be split into two for shorter sessions which would give you two hour long lessons.

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