Part of moving forward is letting go of the past.


Standing, seated, Yin or Yang, forward bends offer many benefits. They create space in the spine, stretch the hamstrings, calves, strengthen the abductor muscles, pelvic floor & abdomen. They stimulate the superficial fascial back line of the body & our Urinary Bladder meridian, reducing stress, anxiety, fear & depression. As we close our body down, they have a calming effect, soothing the nerves.

Forward folds encourage patience & compassion, promoting introspection. When we feel like moving out of the pose, the journey of going inwards begins. We can become aware of how we may be reacting to the pose, are we forcing yourself ourselves to go deeper, or telling yourself you are not achieving the expected result? What messages does your body offer?. As we observe our responses this can enable us to dissolve habitual patterns we can hold onto & acquire fresh ways of looking & experiencing ourselves & the world.

Forward bends activate the Swadhishthana chakra, located at the sacrum, pelvis, hips and groin. Corresponding to our creativity, sexuality & relates to our past & present relationships. We can be confronted with past karmas, old resentments & current grudges we still hold on to. When we hold onto these old wounds, we become limited in fully expressing ourselves within our creativity & sexuality and may lose out on the potentiality of the people coming into our lives.

By noticing sensations & emotions that arise during forward bending, responding to the messages the body offers without judging, denying or reacting. Learning to listen & respond, we begin to melt the physical restrictions & held emotions & begin to set ourselves free from the constraints of our karmas. Forward bends offer the chance to heal the past, leaving you free to move forward.