final side

Slide into your Side-bend for Gratitude.

A healthy back includes side to side motion where the energy flow radiates out into a lateral direction. We have our Yang poses such as Triangle, Extended Side Angle & Gate pose & our Yin shapes such as Banana pose & any lateral variation we can explore in our Dragons & seated positions. Stimulating the Gallbladder meridian at the sidebody & the Heart & Lung meridians if we take the arm overhead. We nourish the Liver & the Lungs, & open the intercostal muscles between the ribs, improving the breath. We stretch & contract the obliques, QL, iliacus, TFL, & IT band.

When we contract one side of the torso, this supports the stretch through the opposite side. Rather than resisting the contraction which can bring a tightening &/or collapsing, soften more into the contraction. As you feel & work with the contracting muscles strength, it will create space & provide stability to go deeper. In our daily life we have similar supporting muscles. We can think of these as ‘all the things that hold us’ & make the ride of life easier. When we make space to reflect on our support matrix, it can bring a deep sense of gratitude, grounding us, & balancing out a negative mindset.

We experience gratitude when we get present to the flutters of our own inner conversation & shift our focus, taking the time to appreciate & be thankful for everything that contributes to our lives. When something is going our way, to be thankful & when things are not going quite our way, to develop the trust of our source, see the support around us & notice our own abundance. When you flood your mind with a constant flow of worry, envy, resentment, & self-criticism it negatively impacts your mental wellbeing.

A gratitude practice is our workout & healthy eating plan for the mind; something we have to consciously practice & keep going.