Step into kindness

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Life is a never-ending journey. We can feel exhausted, we may make mistakes & sometimes we may want to give up but if we look back we can see all the progress we have made through our footprints. Our footprints can also effect others & we may never know the impact.

Life is not about the steps we’ve taken, but the footprints we’ve left behind. The value of your life goes beyond yourself. Your actions influence everyone you touch, they create a memory. We all have an impact on others, whether through our words, our reactions, our actions, sometimes unintentional, unknowingly, just by being who we are in that moment.

The impact we have on others provides a ripple effect. A simple act of kindness can be significant for another person & enhance cause & effect?

If we remember a time somebody was kind? Then think of a time you were kind to another person. Give thought to their reaction & how you responded & felt. Kindness leaves a lasting impression on both.

Kindness is the simple act of doing no harm to others, a part of ahimsa in yoga. It includes recognising when you are gossiping & choosing to stop, judging less, holding back our reactions, or just acknowledging when you make a mistake. Kindness influences the giver & the receiver & impacts mental, emotional & physical well-being for both.

Ask ‘How would I feel being the receiver of this?’ If it doesn’t feel good can you avoid the behaviour. When we honor our own struggle & the struggles of others, even if unknown, by responding with empathy & compassion, the results affects us all.

We can all consciously incorporate the smallest acts of kindness into our everyday life & be part of the positive ripple effect. To have a positive & thriving community, we all must recognise our individual part, we are all responsible for facilitating this.

Today allow yourself to start a tiny ripple with just one small step to be kind.