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Yoga Alliance – Elevate your practice with us.

Embark on a transformative 200-hour Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Teacher Training experience or delve deep into Yin Yoga blended with Chinese Medicine with our 50/100-hour programs. You can also customize your learning with flexible online options.

Aligning with a comprehensive Yoga Alliance curriculum, immerse yourself in the rich domains of Yin & Yang Yoga Techniques & Practice, Philosophies, Physiology, essential Anatomy, & Fascia analysis. Our teachings encompass vital aspects, including teaching methodologies, lifestyle principles, ethical considerations & the business of Yoga.

To enhance your holistic journey, we seamlessly integrate daily practices along with Myofascial massage, Myoyin, & Acuyin techniques, in addition to traditional facets of Yoga including Chanting, Pranayama & Meditation, creating a well-rounded & impactful learning experience.

Our distinctive approach is transcending theory to prioritize practical application. Delve into your biomechanics through the application of Functional Yoga principles, asana analysis labs, & daily classes that seamlessly integrate theory. Promoting understanding of key principles & transformation of this knowledge into tangible skills, empowering you to evolve as a progressive Yoga practitioner & confident teacher.

Whether you’re drawn to the tranquility of Yin Yoga or the dynamic flow of Vinyasa, elevate your yoga teacher training with us for a distinctive & enriching educational Yoga Bali adventure.

My Background

I began my yoga journey 25 years ago to find relief from physical & emotional challenges. Unhealthy coping patterns led me to an initial self-taught Yoga practice. With a background in psychology & criminology, I worked for the National Probation Service while teaching yoga in the evenings. Ten years ago, I relocated to Bali, & the enchanting island of Nusa Lembongan is where I now reside. Besides Yin yoga, my passions include reading, poetry, dancing, & sunset strolls with my beloved dogs.

Akira, derived from Sanskrit, embodies the essence of the Yin Yoga style & my journey: graceful strength. This phrase beautifully encapsulates the gentle yet powerful nature of Yin Yoga & the transformative path that has shaped my life.

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” –The Bhagavad Gita


Yoga Training & Experience

I bring both personal & professional knowledge & experience to my teaching, with over 3,000 hours of Teacher Training & over 26 years of yoga teaching. Throughout my journey, I have learned from renowned teacher trainers who have greatly influenced my practice & teaching approach. These esteemed trainers include:

The British Wheel of Yoga with Gillian Russel, Dr. Francoise Freeman, Donna Farhi, Ana Forrest, Maggie Reagh, Neil Pearson, Jaisri M Lambert, Todd Caldecott, Tianne Allan, Nicole Emily Marcia, DV Sridhar, Radha Sridhar, Viji Vasu, Paul Grilley, Jo Phee, Joe Barnett, Tom Myers, Dr. Vincent Chung, Ariele Foster DPD, & Rachel Ellery.

 Yoga Alliance RYT 500 yoga teacher. Akirayoga is a registered Yoga Alliance school & continuing education provider.

Practice in our newly built studio surrounded by lush gardens, where birds serenade your practice, & butterflies dance, bringing tranquillity. Accommodation, café, & spa onsite with Sandy Bay beach being minutes away.

100 hour yin yoga teacher training bali
100 hour yin yoga teacher training bali

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Our Yoga Teacher Training Bali Programs

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings Bali from $1,796

25 Days & 25 Nights of Yoga Teacher Training, for an unparalleled experience in achieving the ultimate balance.

The Yoga adventure begins with an exploration of Creative Vinyasa, essential Anatomy, & traditional facets of Yoga. Providing participants with a comprehensive understanding of the dynamic interplay between creative flow & the time-honored traditions deeply rooted in Yoga.

The latter part adopts a holistic approach by immersing you in the realms of Yin Yoga. This segment focuses on delving into Philosophy, Fascia & Functional Anatomy intricacies, seamlessly interwoven with the fundamental principles of Chinese Medicine.

Together, these two halves weave into a seamlessly integrated & well-rounded transformative Yoga Teacher Training experience.

100 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings Bali $1,100

A comprehensive program blending Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine principles  integrating 3 key elements:

THEORY – Chinese Medicine Philosophy, Visceral Organ Anatomy, & Meridian Physiology. Fascia Anatomy & the Nervous system, the Vagus nerve, pain & the brain, hip & spine Anatomy, Functional Yoga & Student biomechanics.

PRACTICE – Myofascial Massage, Myoyin & Acuyin, Pranayama & Meditation. Essential teaching tools, 7 Archetype Asana labs & teaching practicums. Main contra-indications & safe adjusting.

APPLY – reflect on your experience, extracting meaningful insights. Transform this into valuable learning, shaping both your future mindset & actions beyond the mat. The ethics of teaching & lifestyle tools to enrich & deepen your Yin Yoga experience.

50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings Bali from $649

Embark on a transformative journey with our Yin Yoga 50-hour Teacher Training, where you’ll delve into the rich tapestry of Chinese Medicine philosophy & its intricate connections to Meridian physiology, the distinctive organ system in Yin Yoga, & the harmonious interplay between Meridian pathways, organs, & indicators of balance.

Explore crucial anatomy such as the Fascia system, hip anatomy, muscle groups, student biomechanics & applications of Functional Yoga.

Immerse yourself in the 7 Archetype asana labs & specialized classes that seamlessly integrate Myofascial massage, Myoyin, & Acuyin techniques. In just one week, you’ll acquire a solid understanding of Yin Yoga with Chinese Medicine principles.

Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training 50 Hours $395

A self-paced Online Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine teacher training.

Explore essential Philosophy, Meridian system, Visceral organs, & harmony/disharmony indicators gaining insights into their interdependence. Immerse yourself in captivating Anatomy concepts, delving into the Fascia system, muscle groups, skeletal structure, & the core principles of Functional Yoga asanas. Cultivate essential teaching tools to refine your skills in effective lesson planning.

Engage in immersive learning with a comprehensive 90-minute Yin Yoga with Pranayama/Meditation five-class series, embodying the five elements for a holistic learning experience. Additionally, a 2-hour master class will empower you to master meridian-focused target areas, & craft themed classes rooted in meridian principles.

Our Latest Yoga Blogs

Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine

yin yoga teacher training bali

Ten years ago, I embarked on a transformative journey, initiating my own Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine teacher trainings. This journey was born out of my deep fascination with the profound principles of Chinese Medicine & their potential integration into physical practice. My curiosity & desire for a deeper understanding drove me to immerse myself in the rich philosophy of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), specifically exploring how it aligns with Yin Yoga.

Yin Yoga & Taoism

yin yoga teacher training bali

Taoism is an ancient Chinese belief system encompassing religious & philosophical teachings dating back over 2000 years. At the core is the principle of “Living Life like Flowing Water,” rooted in the wisdom of Lao Tzu & Chuang Tzu, esteemed Chinese philosophers. This philosophy encourages us to embrace the natural flow of life with a calm & tranquil spirit, much like the unwavering strength of water.

Functional Yoga

functional yoga

Functional Yoga delves into the intricate connection between individual bone structure & the safe execution of poses like the seated Lotus pose. Acknowledging that our distinct skeletal framework plays a crucial role in determining our body’s natural range of motion forms the basis for a functional approach to Yin yoga. This awareness cultivates a more harmonious relationship with our bodies, emphasizing injury prevention & fostering a mindful yoga practice.

Myoyin, Myofascial Release, Acuyin

yin yoga and myofascial massage, myoyin and acuyin

Myofascial massage is a technique that targets the connective tissue (fascia) around muscles. Through gentle, sustained pressure & stretching, we can release tension & improve mobility. This technique addresses tightness caused by stress, trauma, poor posture, or overuse, offering relief from discomfort, pain, & limited flexibility. The goal is to restore balance and mobility, making it beneficial for those with chronic pain, musculoskeletal issues, or restricted motion.

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Our Location

yoga nusa lembongan akirayoga.com

Embark on your journey to Nusa Lembongan from the quaint coastal town of Sanur in Bali, renowned for its laid-back vibe & serving as a popular departure point for island exploring.

Upon reaching Sanur Harbor, the passage to Nusa Lembongan unfolds with a 20-minute fast boat ride.

As part of our inclusive Teacher Training, at the booking platform, we extend the option of arranging a hotel collection, & booking your boat ticket for you, offering the coordination of reliable hotel pickups & partnering with reputable fast boat operators. Providing you with a seamless transition to Nusa Lembongan ready to immerse yourself in the serenity & beauty that awaits.

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