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Yin Yoga: Immerse yourself in the essence of Yin Yoga, where beauty lies in the graceful interplay of shapes & rebounds. Embrace the nourishing stillness of each pose, allowing the rebound to release & awaken the energy within gently.

Yin Yoga Flow: Delve into the flowing tapestry of Yin yoga shapes & rebounds as we weave together a seamless sequence of movements. This practice harmoniously blends the grounding essence of Yin with the dynamic exploration of Yang, incorporating one to three invigorating Downward Dog poses for an added dimension of vitality.


Embark on the journey of Yin Yoga’s energetic body, exploring the intricate meridian system through which vital energy flows. These energy pathways interconnect with organs, tissues, & cells, facilitating energy distribution & deeply influencing our emotional & physical well-being.

Each class sequence is carefully designed to focus on specific meridians or emotions. Through these intentional practices, you will better understand your energetic landscape, promoting balance in body, mind, & spirit.


Immerse in liberating yin yoga sequences for the upper body. Revitalize blood & energy flow in areas burdened by physical & emotional weight. Releasing tension & stagnant energy in the shoulders, chest, arms, & spine fosters a profound opening at the heart center. Experience tranquility, easing anxiety, & restoring inner peace.


Explore invigorating Yin yoga sequences that delve into the depths of your lower body. These practices specifically target the hips, where unconscious tension, emotional residue, & vulnerabilities can reside, leading to discomfort, limited mobility, & tightness. You’ll experience a reduction in discomfort, fostering a greater sense of fluidity & ease.


Unlock the transformative power of Yin yoga with myofascial release techniques. Experience the benefits of targeting deep fascial tension to rejuvenate your body & mind. Improve muscle function, enhance circulation, & release exercise-related soreness. Let go of physical burdens & embrace revitalization on your journey.

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Immerse in transformative Yin Yoga Therapy sequences, targeting specific misalignments in body & mind. Inclusive &and welcoming to all, regardless of experience or ability. Tailored variations accommodate diverse skeletal structures, honoring individual needs & boundaries. Embracing self-awareness & self-care.

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Experience the soothing embrace of diaphragm breathing, inviting deep relaxation & restoring balance to body & mind. Awaken your energy centers with Nadi Shodhana, a pranayama practice that purifies & balances subtle channels, fostering clarity & inner harmony.

Tap into the power of manifestation meditation, unlocking the limitless potential of your thoughts & intentions, inviting positive change & abundance into your life. Cultivate self-compassion, nurturing a loving relationship with yourself, fostering inner healing & acceptance.

Online Yin Yoga & TCM Teacher Training 50 Hours $395

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A self-paced Online Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine teacher training.

Explore essential Philosophy, Meridian system, Visceral organs, & harmony/disharmony indicators gaining insights into their interdependence.

Immerse yourself in captivating Anatomy concepts, delving into the Fascia system, muscle groups, skeletal structure, & the core principles of Functional Yoga asanas. Cultivate essential teaching tools to refine your skills in effective lesson planning.

Engage in immersive learning with a comprehensive 90-minute five-class series, embodying the five elements for a holistic learning experience. Additionally, a 2-hour master class will empower you to master meridian-focused target areas, enabling you to craft themed classes rooted in meridian principles for your future instruction.

free yin yoga

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