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Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Bali & Online.

Unravel withYIN

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Join me for a free 90-minute Yin yoga class & extra resources.

Akirayoga – Claire Green


I’m Claire, a Yoga Teacher of 25 years, Yoga Therapist, & passionate Yin Yogi. I offer a range of transformative Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Bali, Vinyasa, & Yin Yoga Teacher Training, & online Yin Yoga Teacher Training.

My trainings have been thoughtfully crafted to provide a comprehensive understanding of the fundamental Philosophy & Physiology that underlie the application of the Yin yoga practice.

I emphasize Yin Yoga anatomy with Functional Yoga, which caters to the unique skeletal structures of each individual. This includes your biomechanics analysis & Yin Yoga daily Archetypes asana labs, creative upper body variations, & a progressive pranayama & meditation program to embrace the tools of traditional Yoga within the Yin yoga style; in addition, I integrate the holistic benefits of Myofascial massage, Myoyin, & Acuyin.

As a Yoga Alliance school, I am committed to offering professional Yoga learning of the highest standard.

By bridging theory & practice, you will gain all the practical skills to incorporate fundamental principles into your practice whilst learning essential teaching tools with our ample practice teaching opportunities to meet the standard this accreditation sets.

My Background

I began my yoga journey 25 years ago to find relief from physical & emotional challenges. Unhealthy coping patterns led me to an initial self-taught Yoga practice. With a background in psychology & criminology, I worked for the National Probation Service while teaching yoga in the evenings. Eight years ago, I relocated to Bali, & the enchanting island of Nusa Lembongan is where I now reside. Besides Yin yoga, my passions include reading, writing poetry, dancing, & sunset strolls with my beloved dogs.

Akira, derived from Sanskrit, embodies the essence of the Yin Yoga style & my personal journey: graceful strength. This phrase beautifully encapsulates the gentle yet powerful nature of Yin Yoga & the transformative path that has shaped my life.

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”

 –The Bhagavad Gita

online yin yoga teacher training baliYoga Training & Experience

I bring both personal & professional knowledge & experience to my teaching, with over 3,000 hours of Teacher Training & over 20 years of yoga teaching. Throughout my journey, I have learned from renowned teacher trainers who have greatly influenced my practice & teaching approach. These esteemed trainers include:

Gillian Russel, Dr. Francoise Freeman, Donna Farhi, Ana Forrest, Maggie Reagh, Neil Pearson, Jaisri M Lambert, Todd Caldecott, Tianne Allan, Nicole Emily Marcia, DV Sridhar, Radha Sridhar, Viji Vasu, Paul Grilley, Jo Phee, Joe Barnett, Tom Myers, Dr. Vincent Chung, Ariele Foster DPD, & Rachel Ellery.

Yoga Alliance RYT 500 yoga teacher qualification. Akirayoga is a registered Yoga Alliance school & continuing education provider.

For inquiries about my services, please visit the contact page.

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Lets Connect

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Trainings Bali from $1,796

Experience the ultimate balance in our immersive 24 Days & 24 Nights Yoga Teacher Training. The journey begins with dynamic Vinyasa & in-depth Anatomy exploration, paving the way for the second half which focuses on the underlining theories & practice of Yin Yoga.

yoga teacher training bali

  • Techniques, Practical Training & Practice
  • Teaching Methodology
  • Essential Anatomy
  • Subtle body & Physiology
  • Functional yoga
  • Yoga Philosophy
  • Lifestyle & Ethics
  • The business of teaching yoga
  • 10 hours of teaching Practicums
  • Guaranteed Yin & Yang classes with Lead teachers
  • Pranayama & meditation progressive program.
  • Comprehensive manuals
  • 200-Hour Yoga Alliance certification

55/100 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali

Combining complimentary Fascia techniques & essential Archetype labs, teaching ethos & practicums. Understand fully the what, why, & how of Yin yoga. Choose between our comprehensive 55-hour program or our immersive 100-hour experience.

online yin yoga teacher training

Yin Yoga, Myofascia Massage, Myoyin & Acoyin

  • Yin Yoga Practice Principles
  • The 7 Yin Archetypes & variations
  • Teaching Tools & Asana Labs
  • Essential Anatomy & functional yoga
  • Indivudal bio-mechanics & skeletal differences
  • Chi & the Meridian system
  • Meridians & Emotions
  • Yin Yang & 5 elements theories
  • Pranayama & Meditation
  • Lifestyle & reflection
  • Myofascial Massage, Myoyin & Acuyin
  • Placing theory into our practice
  • 5 hours of Teaching Practicums
  • Guaranteed classes with Lead teachers
  • Comprehensive Yin Teacher Training Manual
  • Yoga Alliance Yin Yoga Certification

Bali Beach Island Based Training

Discover Yoga Dunia, a serene yoga studio on the enchanting island of Lembongan in Bali. Just a short boat ride from beautiful Sanur, Bali, & a mere 5-minute walk from Mushroom Bay & Tamarind’s beaches. Rest assured, our manager Audrey will guide & support you throughout your journey here & during your stay, ensuring a relaxed & transformative learning experience.

Explore personalized guidance & dive into your unique bio-mechanics through our exclusive teacher trainings. Limited to just 20 students. Secure your spot now by visiting the booking link.

Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training 50 Hours $395

yin yoga teacher training bali

Delve into Yin Yoga’s philosophy, meridian physiology, Anatomy, Teaching Tools & the essential practical application. Discover how to embody these principles on & off the mat.

Yin Yoga Seasonal Self Care $60

Experience online holistic well-being with our Seasonal Yin Yoga Self-care program. This curated toolkit offers personalized enrichment for each elemental season.

Discover the profound interplay between organ health & overall well-being as you explore internal organ systems & corresponding Meridians. Engage in invigorating 90-minute practices & embodied meditations to ignite balance within. Beyond your mat, immerse yourself in season-specific recipes, using crystals, & practical lifestyle suggestions for navigating emotions effectively.

Take moments for introspection, guided by the natural cycles of the seasons. Find solace in nature’s rhythmic ebb & flow, reconnecting with your center.

What Students Say

yin yoga teacher training bali

Completed my 55hr Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Claire last week and the lessons and teachings I got from this week are still unfolding in my life right now.
What a week! Everyday I felt I learnt a big “life lesson”, that went so much further for me than just being about what happens on the yoga mat, priceless information, so grateful.
Clare goes above and beyond for her students, teaching in ways that cater to different forms of learning – which for me was great, as I much more of a visual/practical learner.
The week was structured perfectly and this made it easy to digest all the wonderful Information we were being given.
Clare truly knows her stuff, and you can see it’s an embodied learning journey she has gone on, to now be able to share it with our lucky selves.
Couldn’t suggest this course and Clare any higher, I will be coming back to do my 200hr teacher training with Clare as soon as I can!
Thank you for a life changing week, truly

Claire’s 55hr yin yoga + TCM course was fantastic and very well structured. Her knowledge and experience (especially in traditional Chinese medicine) really inspired me, and it showed that she truly practices what she preaches. Whatever questions you have for her, she’d give very in-depth (yet simple) explanations, and even if she doesn’t know the answers on the spot, she’d put in the effort to find the answers for you quickly. Claire also put in a lot of effort to take care of us during the training to facilitate a positive and nurturing experience for us. After the training, I felt very well equiped with the tools to confidently teach yin yoga classes, but also to incorporate those tools into my own lifestyle.
For anyone interested either to teach yin yoga, deepen their practice, or simply just to live a healthy and nourishing lifestyle, I would highly recommend this training course.

Great Yin Yoga Teacher Training experience. It is an intense and joyful training. Learning a lot of theory while experiencing it also through the daily life of Nusa Lembongan Island. You will return with tons of memories to remember all your life for sure. I feel so grateful to have this experience in my life. Thank you

I just completed the Yin Yoga and Chinese Medicine online TTC and I am very happy with this experience. The content is great, you will learn a lot about the concept of Chinese Medecine, the elements, the meridians, and much more! All very well explained and detailed! I was scared to feel not comfortable teaching a yin yoga class with online training but the professionalism and experience of Claire made me feel confident enough to teach. Claire is a great teacher, I could feel she put all her heart and soul in this course. Thank you Claire

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Claire was absolutely amazing. Her knowledge of yin was incredible. I learned so much from the classes. I am more confident in teaching yin yoga now. The class set up was fantastic. Highly recommend Claire.

I just completed my 50 hrs online yin training with Claire . The course was very neat, easy to follow and she explained really well. I really enjoyed learning with Claire. She is very good teacher. Loved how she delivered the course, calm voice and lovely settings. Also all manuals are very detailed and clear, I have them in my Ipad so that I can read anytime along with my notes. I am looking forward to future learning with Claire. Thank you very much for putting all together.

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I recently completed a 55 hour yin yoga teacher training course with Claire. Claire is a fantastic teacher: very professional but always maintains a sense of fun. Claire demonstrated very thorough theoretical and practical knowledge of yin yoga. In just a week she was able to help me listen to my own body and intuitively respond to what my body needs in yin yoga shapes more so than any other yin yoga teacher has before. As I am someone who is already naturally quite flexible, a lot of yin yoga teachers “give up” on me as they find it difficult to offer variations – but Claire offered me guidance that helped me get deeper into my body.

Claire is also very affable and supported team bonding – by the end of the week, all of us attending the yin yoga training group were good friends. I was really happy with my experience – well worth the time and money

Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training – Thank you so much for taking the time to share your valuable knowledge and practices. I gained so much wisdom. I very much enjoyed the practices and meditations. In the process filling my own cup, to be able to share from the overflow! Namaste, Corne

Extraordinary knowledge in Yin Yoga. My Teacher Claire Green is amazing she really changed me into positive pathway in reaching my future goal. Thank you so much for everything and love you always, Namaste _/)(_

Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training – The experience has been really amazing. I recommend new yoga teachers to take this course for a deeper understanding about yin yoga. Claire explained all the connections to the physical body very well and the content was great value for money. Also, all the practice guided sessions provided gives us a chance to experience it ourselves before teaching it to the class. Loved it.

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Just completed the 55 Yin Yoga Teaching course with Claire.
I thoroughly enjoyed the week, loved it actually!!
Claire is a very accomplished Teacher in all aspects of Yoga.
Her passion shines though with every word and action.
The group of strangers were from all across the globe and by the end of the week were warm friends united by Yin.
I highly recommend Claire’s course for Yoga teachers and anyone wanting to learn more about Yin for their own practice.

Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training – The course was fantastic. It is well structured and you are able to work through the content very easily. The manual contained all the information from the lectures and really helped to deepen the content and it is very helpful to study and review the content intensively. For me as a Yin Yoga practitioner, this course provided a lot of valuable new theoretical and practical content. It now strengthens me to share Yin Yoga with other people. The teacher Clare has a very pleasant voice and learning with her is so comfortable. Thank you very much for this wonderful course. Maria (Reiki Master)

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I had an amazing week of Yin yoga training from Claire. She is not just only a knowledgeable and experienced teacher, but also a caring and compassionate life mentor.
As english isn’t my mother language plus this is my first yoga training, at the beginning I was kind of scared of getting understand on all the lessons. However, her consistent encouragement and passionate truly inspiring me. The knowledge I’ve learnt from this training is more than I expected. Now I feel more confident to practice Yin on my own with awareness of what’s for me. Thanks Claire for sharing all those amazing moments with me. We will def see each other again for my 200 hrs training.

Online Yin Yoga Training – Very informative and well-paced. There isn’t anything repetitive which I appreciate because it makes me feel like I’m getting my money’s worth. Lots of information to fully digest and I feel my understanding is so much broader now. Also, the manuals are a great learning tool and I’m glad they’re a part of the course

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I recently completed a Yin yoga teacher training with Claire at H20 yoga in Gili Air. It was an awesome course with great content. Claire gave us a deep immersion into the feeling of Yin yoga within our own bodies which becomes the foundation we are able to go on and teach from. Claire delivered great content on Taoism, meridians and the theoretical background of Yin yoga. Claire is brilliant at holding space, facilitating, caring for the well being of students and also testing our understanding of the teaching points she is delivering. If you get a chance to do a training with Claire go for it. I hope our paths cross again sometime.

Online Yin Yoga Training June 2021

Wonderful program, good quality videos, lighting and sound. Many of the courses I have completed on other platforms have terrible video quality. Thank you, I would recommend this course to others if they are wanting to learn more about yin yoga and to just get the confidence to move forward in their journey. As well it is a great course for self improvement and just taking the time out to reconnect with your own mind and body.

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Yes, I can recommend taking a class or a ytt with Claire!
She have a vast knowledge and teaches this in a good way 
And! She is a nice person as well

I had the most amazing time learning from Claire in the yin yoga teacher training. She has a great knowledge of yoga in general and especially in yin yoga. She has a great way to provide her knowledge and to bring the theory into practice. I even learned a lot of things to integrate into my yang hours and personal practice. Out of the many ttc I have already done, I probably enjoyed this one the most. I would def come back to Claire if I want to deepen my yin knowledge and teachings.

I attended the 55 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Claire. She is an intuitive, attentive, sensitive, knowledgeable and experienced teacher and mentor with such energy. She provided a very safe place to take us on the beautiful journey of yin yoga. The content of the course was much more than I had expected, I have now so much tools to practice and inspire people in their own journey towards yin yoga. I highly recommend her classes and will not hesitate in doing further education on Yoga with her. Thank you Claire and keep the great work!

After not long completing 55 hour Yin teacher training with Claire… words can not express the gratitude I feel for experiencing such an amazing week. On so many levels. I loved every minute of it. Claire is an incredible instructor, teacher and mentor. I would whole heartily recommend any of Claire’s retreats or training as she has a wealth of knowledge and her energy is so inspiring. She has the ability to transform and bring out the best in oneself. A very special soul indeed.

Claire taught me for the 7 day 55 hour Yin Yoga RYTT. I found Claire to be knowledgable, open, kind, funny and loving. I have come away with an understanding of the history of Yin, the meridians and the difference between Yin and Yang yoga practices. Thanks so much Claire for being a great human and for sharing your knowledge with me. Hugs

I took part in the 55 hour Yin Yoga training with Claire and it was truly a transformational week. Aside from imparting her wealth of knowledge on the group about yin yoga, the meridians energy systems, and theory; Claire made the week about bringing us closer to ourselves, each other, and our practice. Claire was patient and fun and fostered a caring, nurturing environment that I saw the whole group grow from. I could not recommend this experience and Claire enough.

Book Yoga Retreats review at H20 yoga and Meditation Centre September 2019

I can thoroughly recommend the training, it was presented very professionally and clearly. The group was beautiful, a very mixed bunch, some teachers some just with just a very keen interest to learn more. Claire prepared all of us to teach and the course program was delivered in a way with very effective teaching skills to allow us to understand and absorb. H20 is a beautiful facility and the staff are charming. I am sure I will return for other trainings.

I attended Claire’s 55 hour Yin Yoga teacher training last week at H20, in Gili Air. I hadn’t met Claire before the training and decided to register for the training purely on the reviews from previous students who had taken the same training. I am so glad I did, Claire is a wonderful, passionate teacher who lives and breathes the yogic philosophy and is able to tailor the teaching of her vast knowledge to the level of her students understanding, whether that be a beginner new to teaching or a more advanced teacher. The program was fairly intense with fairly long days, but the time flew by because the lectures were interesting and fun. The physical practise was superb and I so benefited from these on a personal level as well as understanding how to deliver a class for my students. I highly recommend Claire’s training she is a gifted teacher who walks the talk! Thank you Claire for a wonderful week and for sharing your passion.

Chakra Transformation Retreat August 2019.

I had an amazing time at my Chakra Transformation Retreat at Yoga Dunia with lovely people, delicious healthy breakfast, nice accomodation and, of cause, great yoga lessons. A big THANK YOU to Claire, who made sure we do yoga in a safe and respectful way for our body and who teached us so much more than just yoga. I definitely recommend her classes to everyone who are not just interested in doing a workout yoga. I felt home for a week and would definitely come back again!

I recently completed Claire’s 30 hour online Yin Yoga. The timing for this wonderful self-study invitation has overlapped perfectly with where I’ve been lately in my journey of growing and healing.

Thank you Akirayoga for the beautiful space you created and held.

I appreciated the ways you modeled the power of silence and going inwards, of listening with our entire body.

I love that it included Taoism, dharma, Chinese medicine, this course uncovered the answers I was searching for. It opened the door to the experiences I needed in order to find my next step. Namaste!

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