Teaching Yin Yoga

Teaching Yin yoga involves a level of self-inquiry to facilitate our own personal growth & to enable us to empower our students.

teaching Yin yoga

Teaching Yin yoga necessitates a profound understanding of the power of our words as Yin Yoga Teachers, a pivotal skill we can cultivate. The language we employ becomes the transformative elixir that enhances our students’ practice efficacy. We can imbue this beautiful practice with deep significance through our carefully chosen words.

The words we select act as the primary conduit through which our students receive the essence of our Yin teaching. They seamlessly integrate our class intentions, facilitating a heightened self-awareness & empowering our students in their journey of body-mind connection.

teaching yin yoga

The inappropriate physical contact between yoga teachers & students has gained significant media attention. However, it is essential to recognize that this does not imply a need to cease all adjustments. Touch is an innate part of the human experience, carrying both potential for connection & the possibility of harm. As responsible practitioners, we have taken necessary measures to ensure the safety of our students & ourselves. Prioritizing consent & establishing robust boundaries is paramount.

Nevertheless, addressing the non-sexual abuse of power over students is equally vital.

Savasana & Yin Yoga

savasana and yin yoga

Savasana, also known as Corpse Pose, is a widely practiced asana (physical posture) in all styles of yoga. It is typically performed at the end of a yoga session or as part of a relaxation sequence.

The purpose of Savasana is to allow the body & mind to relax & integrate the benefits of any yoga practice fully. It transitions between active poses & rest, providing a period of deep rejuvenation.

Savasana is often considered the most important & challenging pose, requiring complete stillness & mental surrender.

It holds particular significance in Yin Yoga for several reasons.

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