The power of our words

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The power of our words as a Yin Yoga Teacher is a key skill you can develop & which can become the magic medicine to an effective practice for our students. Our words can add so much meaning to this beautiful practice.

The words we use can be the primary way in which our students receive the qualities of our Yin teaching.

Our words have the power to integrate fully our class intentions, promote better self awareness for our students & support them in their journey of body/mind connection, in addition to nurturing students in just the ‘right’ moment. Whether we realise the impact or not.

There is so much to explore about the use of language, from what we say to allow students to feel welcome on arrival, how to easily explain this reflective style to both beginners or our more active style students, learning how to produce the right words that link smoothly to our intentions when creating lessons, together with knowing when to effectively drop in any practice principle cues that may be required & how to evolve our own observational skills, which become the key to our use of language during a Yin Yoga class.

In addition to effectively weaving your intentions throughout your class for both embodied learning & therefore the possibility of inner transformation for our students.

If you would dive deeper I do cover all of these modalities within my 100-hour Yin yoga teacher training, together with sound anatomically balanced & creative lesson planning methodology using student interaction & group learning.

Includes –

  • Theming with meaning.
  • The Energetic Curve of a balanced class.
  • Considerations for intelligent anatomical sequenced lesson planning.
  • The art of Yin yoga transitions. Considering timings, rebounds, quotes & stories.
  • Creating a balance of healthy boundaries & a nurturing connection with students.
  • Understand student learning styles, the qualities of a teacher & the student learning process.
  • Develop a reflective, introspective practice to help you grow as a teacher.
  • Shadow mirroring & what we can learn from our students to promote our own growth.
  • The use of language, voice, tone, & the vocabulary of teaching Yin yoga.
  • Becoming comfortable with silence within your teaching.
  • Observational skills & use of safe touch, to skillfully interact with students, & create a safe space.
  • The business side of teaching yoga (including marketing, online, insurance & legal).
  • How to implement Yang, Restorative, Myofascia release, Acuyin, Pranayama & Meditation effectively to evoke creativity.n
  • Aatomy Asana lab theme teaching tools for lesson planning.
  • Meridian Asana lab theme teaching tools for lesson planning.
  • Elemental Asana lab teaching tools for lesson planning.
  • An overview of ‘Cross-reference elemental’ practice & teaching.

You can join me on the magical Bali island of Nusa Lembongan, just minutes from the beach in a peaceful location; the perfect tranquil setting to dive deeper into your personal Yin yoga practice while developing confident teaching skills & becoming qualified to teach Yin Yoga.

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akirayogaLTD 13569397

Copyright © Akira Yoga 2019. All Rights Reserved.