The Yoga Journey

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In ancient times, a person with deep Buddhist knowledge, heard that there was an old Zen master, so he went to visit him.

When he saw the old Zen master he was arrogant & thought: I am a person with deep Buddhist studies, how old are you?

The old Zen master respectfully made tea for him.

But when the water was poured, the glass was already full, but the old Zen master kept pouring…

He asked “Master, why do you continue to pour water, the glass is full?”

The master replied: “Yes, since it’s full, why do I pour it?”

What the Zen master meant is, since you are already very knowledgeable, why should you come to me?

This is the origin of the empty cup mentality & what it teaches us is to abandon the past, embrace the future, & to throw away any previous ways of both thinking & learning.

We can apply this philosophy within ALL our daily experiences…

We can let go of any preconceived ideas & opinions of how we think things ‘should be’ throughout our day & all the expectations we place on ourselves…..

We can let go of any preconceived ideas & expectations of our interactions with others, together with how we think any situations may play out, these can be based on our own previous experiences or with what we fill up with from the opinions/perceptions of others…..

We can also let go of what we think our own personal Yoga practice or even other people’s personal Yoga practice should look/feel/be like……

That way our ‘cup’ can be emptied daily to invite new possibilities of endless learning & experiences to fill us back up…

Learn more with me about how to integrate ancient philosophy into your Yin Yoga practice & teachings. See Yin yoga teacher trainings, Bali.

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