Understanding Yin Yoga & Self-Acceptance

understanding yin yoga

The Yin yoga practice enables us to build a deeper connection with ourselves & can trickle through to greater self-acceptance, which can transpire into our relationships with others.

When you start observing your whole self in a non-judgemental way & with loving compassion, you can begin to see how your behaviors, decisions, & experiences led to who you are today, the interconnectivity/mirrors of your interactions/relationships & the fundamental patterns of your life. From here, you can begin the journey of self-acceptance.

Self-acceptance reminds you that it is ok to be you; we all make mistakes at times…maybe we have become frustrated  & lost our calm, we might say the wrong thing or make the wrong decision, or we may react to an external event in what we feel was the wrong way. We can be tired, stressed, or worried as examples of all normal feelings that can be occurring, & that can take us away from staying present.

But when you start to notice your’ shadow patterns,’ which can include similar responses & reactions to life stressors, you can decide better if you want to improve things, but it has to come from you, your choice & your experience. For example, maybe you notice when you are tired, you have less patience with people, so make a personal decision to take better care of yourself & place a priority on your self-management & needs. After all, the only people we can genuinely change are ourselves.

Gaining self-acceptance, which includes all your flaws, will also soften how you see others; you realize that honestly, no one is perfect; we all have many facets & shadows; our great moments & our not-so-fantastic moments. We may also find that what we see as difficult in others can sometimes be a reflection of our shadow self or a learning opportunity. It’s all part of our journey.

This self-acceptance can transpire into greater understanding, communicating, relating, cooperation, real forgiveness, empowered truth & deep respect within our relationships.

Getting to know yourself is a generous gift you can genuinely offer yourself & the most fantastic way for you to connect with others fully; it leads to a letting go of the small stuff, all the imperfections of other people, & offers a more profound sense of acceptance we are all human, existing the best way we can, consciously or subconsciously, in each moment.

I discuss more the patterns of our interactions & how this links with Taoism philosophy, in addition to lifestyle tips & tools to take your journey off the mat. See my 100-hour Yin yoga teacher training, in Bali.

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