Fire Element Workshop

Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques & Yin yoga for the Fire element

yin yoga fire element

Just as Spring develops naturally into Summer, so too does Wood into the full Yang energy of Fire. Fire is the creative energy & is mature Yang (Yang within Yang). The most energetic phase, where all life flourishes & where action takes place. Summer energy is our time to expand, to move forward with our ideas. The Fire energy relates to our motivation & confidence to create. Connected to our heart, the seat of our emotions.

yin yoga fire element

Offering an embodied experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques & Yin yoga for the Fire element

yin yoga elements

  • 5 Detailed, easy to follow Lectures.
  • Lecture 1 – Our connectivity with the elemental system; the Fire element detailed characteristics; connections with the season of Summer; Yin & Yang aspects of the Fire element.
  • Lecture 2 – The associated Heart organ, Heart Qi, Shen/Blood connection, our tongue, the Pericardium, the Small Intestines, the Triple Warmer functionality and connections.
  • Lecture 3 – Physical & emotional imbalances within the human body, Yin & Yang imbalances.
  • Lecture 4 – The Heart, Pericardium, Small Intestine & Triple Warmer meridians, functionality, physical & emotional imbalances.
  • Lecture 5 – The Fires relationship to the other elements in the 4 elemental phases, Yin/Yang Fire connectional aspects of imbalance in the 4 elemental phases & how this can effect the human body, & Fire Yin/Yang considerations within our Yin yoga practice to create balance.
  • Yin yoga full embodied 2-hour class practice. Offering a mindful practice, with long holds, deep stretches & creative sequencing. Understand & experience the stages of yin yoga practice, the rebound, & explore the subtler layers, the energetic, the psycho-emotional, the psychological dimensions.
  • Marinate within the silence & deepen your instinctive practice of mind body connection. A deep stretch into the inner thighs, groin, side of the pelvis & spine. Offering a functional approach with demonstrational variations offered to suit all body shapes, skeletal differences & physical abilities.
  • A deep stretch physically into the Shoulders, Chest, & Spine, including Myofascia techniques to go deep into the fascia tissues.
  • A pranayama technique to compliment the Fire element practice to offer a embodied experience. A 15 minute separate meditation video to capture the full essence of the Fire element. Long Savasana, a blissful deep relaxation to ensure you receive maximum benefit from the physical class.
  • 10 self care practices you can embrace during Summer.
  • Revitalize your diet with these juicy recipes.
  • Burst with summer energy with life style tips.
  • The best essential oils for this season.
  • Inspirational quotes to embrace to keep you motivated.
  • Acupuncture pressure points for the associated Fire element meridians to boost your fire essence you can do at home.
  • The lecture notes & all the additional resources are in one place, and displayed in a beautifully illustrated 37 page PDF booklet for you to keep.
  • All the practices & booklet are downloadable – life long access offline. Additional online teacher support.
  • Hours can be credited towards Yoga Alliance Continuing education requirements for registered teachers.
  • 100% secure checkout.


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Emerge yourself in my Yin Yoga Online Teacher Trainings.

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Whether you want to teach yin yoga, deepen your personal practice, or you’re just starting to learn this beautiful style, these Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training will provide all the essentials & integrated guidance to both deepen your personal yin yoga journey & provide teaching inspiration.

Easy to understand lectures offering you the complete essential package to a Yin yoga practice, with downloadable comprehensive lecture notes, you then have the opportunity to explore putting theory into practice within the practical lessons. The practice sessions help you fully integrate the training  material.

Course participants receive a yin yoga certificate of completion & the hours to use with the Yoga Alliance (or other applicable organization).

This course is entirely online. You have unlimited access, you can go at your own pace, & you can return to the lessons & the practices as many times as you would like.

yin yoga teacher training bali

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An inward reflective learning experience of Yin Yoga with Myofascia Release.

What’s included?

Free gifts upon arrival – A healthy buffet breakfast – Techniques, Practical Training & Practice – Teaching Methodology – Anatomy & Physiology – Yoga Philosophy – Lifestyle & Ethics for Yoga Teachers – Teaching Practicums  – Guaranteed classes with Lead teachers – Systematic pranayama & meditation classes program – All props required for practice – Functional yoga analysis for your specific body – Healthy Breakfast – Refill water all day, herbal teas, coffee – Comprehensive Yin Teacher Training manual – Private facebook support & share group – 10%  discount of any future trainings with both akirayoga and yoga dunia. – Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certification of Completion. These hours can be recorded with Yoga Alliance as continuing education hours for teachers already registered with Yoga Alliance.

The complete package of all the Yin essentialsyoga teacher training bali

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Minutes from the beach in a peaceful location, this is the perfect tranquil setting to dive deeper into your Yoga & become qualified to teach with our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training.

This is a balanced course of both styles. The first half your training is the Yinyasa & anatomy lectures, the second half your Yin aspect.

Within a supportive small group setting, your own practice will deepen as you understand & apply the theoretical principles of both yin & yang yoga to your own practice & have the opportunity of practical teaching of both styles to others.

By the end of this training, you will gain the skills & qualification to teach competently & with confidence.

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