The Yin Yoga Practice & Space Within The Stillness

the yin yoga practice

The Yin yoga practice involves holding postures for extended periods to work with the fascia matrix of the body & stimulate the meridian system. The approach also provides a reflective space where we can build our internal awareness & learn to notice what occurs within the stillness as we hold each pose.

At first, it can be all our “stuff” that initially fills the empty spaces. It is easy to feel we ‘should’ be doing something ‘more,’ or allow the monkey mind to think about all the things that need to be done, our worries & daydreams, we can replay a stressful conversation or a hurt feeling we still hold onto, or any situation that may have caused anxiety or concern.

With patience, we can use the breath to anchor ourselves into the stillness, where we can then begin to notice both the quality of our silence & observe what unfolds in the space without attaching to what is happening, just starting to notice. It allows us to become our observer.

This stillness of a Yin yoga practice invites a time to become both receptive & reflective to what is happening in each moment, within & around the body, while also noticing our reactions & responses.

The empty space becomes rich with feedback; maybe our body offers physical feedback to know whether changing our position is required. We can notice our sense of effort, our understanding of force, the sense of heaviness or lightness, subtle temperature changes, the sensations of achiness, the moments between each inhale & exhale, & the sweet releases of the body as we undo any patterns of ‘holding.’ Perhaps we feel we haven’t reached our edge yet & drop a little deeper, or maybe we need to pull back a little.

We can also notice our patterns of thoughts, our emotional reactions & responses both to the stillness & even particular shapes & to the different shifts that may emerge as we release physical holding patterns. As the body calms & becomes still, our awareness can shift to the deeper ‘subtle’ energy vibrations that can occur within & around the body.

There are so many sensations to both movement & within stillness, & ways we can experience this, from what we find familiar to the unfamiliar & to the uncomfortable.

In this silence, we can put a brake on the doing, the thinking & speaking, instead giving ourselves nurturing space & time to notice & respond if needed. It’s an intimate observation guided by our inner voice, & where trust can build within our inner world, strengthening the relationship you have with your body & mind.

The Yin yoga practice is never an empty pause of nothingness but provides an opportunity to really connect with what is, an opportunity to sense, feel & be with all sensations that may arise; a place for ‘undoing’ as we surrender into the practice entirely.

The authentic experience of Yin yoga cannot be seen from the outside; it is an inner feeling of self-love,  self-compassion, & self-care. An internal gift of space we can give to ourselves.

Within all my Yin yoga TTC, we explore what is & practice the sensory & energetic experience of movement & how to become more comfortable within the stillness, physically, emotionally & mentally. We explore how to witness the Self  & the benefits of this to you both on & off the mat, whilst also linking with Chinese philosophies that provide the backbone to the practice.

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