Yin Yoga & Taoism Philosophy

The Taoist philosophy encourages you to go with the flow of life with a calm & quiet spirit.

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Taoism, an ancient Chinese philosophy & belief system dating back over 2000 years, embraces the concept of living life like flowing water. This foundational principle, rooted in Lao Tzu’s & Chuang Tzu’s teachings, encourages us to navigate life with a calm & serene spirit, flowing effortlessly with the current. Just as water gracefully overcomes obstacles without resistance, we are reminded to accept the natural ebb & flow of all aspects of life.

At the core of Taoism lies the principle of Wu Wei, often translated as “doing without doing” or “actionless action.” Instead of forcefully pushing against the current of life, Taoists advocate for surrendering to the natural flow & allowing appropriate actions to unfold spontaneously. By closely observing the rhythms of nature, Taoism recognizes that all things manifest effortlessly through this state of “actionless action.” Each element in life has its own pace & rhythm, and Taoism teaches us to harmonize with these inherent patterns.

During our personal challenges, it is common to get caught up in believing that we know how things should unfold. This can lead us to desperately try to control or manipulate people & situations, driven by fear of the unknown. This attachment to having things our way, regardless of the cost, can lead to stubbornness, obsession, unkindness, & dishonesty, distancing us from our true selves. We may deny or overlook the harm caused to ourselves & others & the extent to which this attachment controls our lives & limits possibilities, which are often unknown.

Allowing life to unfold naturally can be challenging, particularly when faced with complexity, discomfort, or pain. Investing our energy in finding ways to change events, ourselves, or others is easier. However, there are times when the most beneficial course of action is non-action, releasing the struggle, & accepting that everything is unfolding in the way that serves our highest good, even if it seems unlikely at the present moment.

We must acknowledge that we cannot foresee the future or grasp the entirety of the situation. Our desires are based on limited perspectives, & when we try to force outcomes, we hinder the guiding hand of universal forces working to guide us along the best path. Instead, we should focus on the journey, letting go of fears about where it may lead & trusting that it will take us exactly where we are meant to be.

Give yourself the gift of time. You are not required to take immediate action. Relax & recognize that there is a bigger picture that may currently be hidden from view. Whether you find yourself in a period of ebb or flow, remember that the opposite pull will arise in due time, & your only task is to surrender to it. Observe the rhythms of life & allow them to reveal the perfectly balanced movement around us.

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