Yin Yoga Water Element Workshop

Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques & Yin yoga for the Water element

Self Paced Online Practices & Short Course

Water is the elemental energy associated with Winter, Water is stillness, reflective and cooling energy. Winter is a time for rest and rejuvenation, during which energy is conserved.

In nature water is expelled by excessive heat. In our bodies, water is depleted by excessive emotions such as Fear. The way to conserve this energy is to learn when to rest and listen to your own needs, flowing like water through obstacles.

In this online course you’ll be guided through all the theoretical key concepts that relate to the water element, an embodied yin yoga practice, a yoga nidra practice, acupuncture pressure points that compliment the water energy and season of Winter, the associated meridians, essential oils, nutrition, self care, lifestyle suggestions and reflections for the element of water and season of Winter.


  • Access and login to the workshop for the water element online portal.
  • 10 Practice and theoretical key concepts lessons.
  • Learn about the energetics of the water element, yin and yang aspects, seasonal connectivity, anatomical relationship with the physical body and our emotions.
  • Learn about the essential essence energy held within the kidneys and how this relates to our overall health, associated meridians, the water element in the 4 elemental phases, elemental imbalances and reflective considerations for our Yin yoga practice.
  • A full length guided embodied yin yoga practice and 20 minute audio yoga nidra.
  • Acupuncture pressure points you can incorporate easily at home.
  • Nutritional recipes and essential oils for the season of Winter and water element.
  • Lifestyle tips and self care suggestions to harmonize with the season.
  • Self Inquiry prompts and reflections.
  • All physical practices and lessons are downloadable with a additional beautifully illustrated color booklet of all the resources.


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