Developing Self Compassion

Yin Yoga Water Element & Season of Winter

Water is the elemental energy associated with Winter, Water is the stillness & cooling energy & mature Yin (Yin within Yin). Winter is a time for rest & rejuvenation, during which energy is conserved. In the human body, water relates to our essential fluids, such as hormones, lymph & marrow.

In nature water is expelled by excessive heat. In our bodies, water is depleted by excessive emotions such as Fear. The way to conserve this energy is to learn when to rest & listen to your own needs.

Within this practice we explore developing self compassion by listening to your body, responding with patience & flowing like water through obstacles.

Offering an embodied inward reflective full practice experience of Yin Yoga.

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  • Yin yoga Water element practice with the season of winter
  • Pranayama Meditation to compliment the whole class theme.
  • Marinate in silence with long holds
  • Mindful practice with deep stretches using creative sequencing.
  • Understanding & experiencing the rebound.
  • Exploring the subtler layers, from the energetic to the psycho-emotional, to the psychological dimensions.
  • Whole class is themed to the season of Winter, element of Water, the Urinary Bladder & Kidney meridians.
  • A deep stretch physically into the Hamstrings, Spine, & Groin.
  • Functional approach with demonstrational variations offered to suit all body shapes & abilities.
  • Long Savasana, deep visualization relaxation, to receive maximum benefit from the class.
  • 7 day unlimited access full class practice.
  • Online Teacher support

$10.00 Full Class Practice

If your compassion does not include yourself, it is incomplete Buddha

Being compassionate towards yourself means acting in a caring way towards yourself whenever you are struggling and are having a difficult time, have made a mistake, or feel inadequate.

We can develop self-compassion within our practice by noticing how our body really feels within our Yin shapes, letting go of our expectations & responding with loving kindness. We can notice our thoughts & change how we speak to ourselves, forgiving ourselves for any judgements, and treating yourself as if you were a good friend.

Instead of ignoring how you or your body feels, you can stop & ask yourself, what is going on right now & how can I care for & respond to myself in a positive way. We can find a shape that better suits us in that moment, and learning to become more present.

Having compassion for ourselves does not mean self-pity or self-indulgence, but the ability for honest reflection. This brings greater self-clarity,  acknowledged with kindness without being hidden or ignored. That way we can learn & grow into a more loving & accepting version of our-self.

The more we can open our hearts to this reality instead of fighting against it, & develop self-compassion, the more we become more compassionate, kind,  accepting & forgiving towards others.

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Sharing my passion for Yin Yoga & the elements.

Including full deep stretch & long hold classes that offer creativity with a wide range of postures & their variations, & to include complimentary themed pranayama, meditation & a deep Savasana into the practice to encourage a full embodied practice.

Demonstrational variations are offered within all the classes to suit all levels of practitioners from beginners to advanced, body shapes & skeletal variations.

The class can also easily be split into two for shorter sessions which would give you 12 hour long lessons.

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Embodied Elemental Complete Package

Offering an inward reflective learning experience of Yin Yoga for the elements & Myofascia release. Explore the subtler layers, from the energetic to the psycho-emotional, to the psychological dimensions. Using the 5 element theory with our yin shapes, you will learn how to be with all sensations & feel these layers.

Whether your new to the practice of Yin yoga & Myofascia release or you’re a long-time practitioner, these creative Yin yoga classes offer an accessible & inspiring opportunity to develop & deepen your practice.

Each class you will learn something new, exploring a different area of the body with specific techniques to enhance body awareness of our connectivity with both the elements & seasons.

Classes begin with a Pranayama meditation, long floor based sequences where we invite the body to release & unwind habitual patterns with both asana & Myofascia release techniques, with a deep relaxation at the end.

Ready to teach yin yoga, or deepen your personal practice?

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Whether you want to teach yin yoga, deepen your personal practice, or you’re just starting to learn this beautiful style, these Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training will provide all the essentials & integrated guidance to both deepen your personal yin yoga journey & provide teaching inspiration.

Course participants receive a yin yoga certificate of completion & can be to use with the Yoga Alliance (or other applicable organization).

This course is entirely online. You have unlimited access, you can go at your own pace, & you can return to the lessons & the practices as many times as you would like.

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