Yoga Teacher Training Bali
200 Hours
Yoga Alliance.

24 Days & 24 Nights – A beautifully balanced Yoga Teacher Training, the first half of the training incorporates Vinyasa & Anatomy & the second half Yin yoga & Chinese Medicine principles.


2023 Dates

March 26th – April 18th – BOOK NOW

August 6th – 29th – BOOK NOW

November 5th – 28th – BOOK NOW

Investment Options:

Option 1 Full Payment – $2.295 | Save $400

Option 2 Deposit – $2.495 |$500 deposit, the remainder on arrival | Save $200

Option 3 Payment plan – $2.695  A $150 deposit & 4 x $636,25 payments.

Yoga Teacher Training Bali 200-Hours

Do you want to share your passion for Yoga with others & feel ready to begin your teaching career? Following the Yoga Alliance ethos for both the Vinyasa & Yin Yoga elements with Training & Techniques, Philosophy, Subtle body, Anatomy, Teaching Tools, & practicums. Our 200-hour training is a sure way to begin your teaching journey with confidence. Apply key principles of Vinyasa & Yin Yoga to your practice, & have the opportunity to practice teaching both these styles to others.

We are minutes from peaceful beach locations, the perfect tranquil setting for diving into your learning of both styles & embark on a transformational Yoga adventure.

By the end of this Yoga Teacher Training, you will gain the skills & qualification to teach Vinyasa & Yin Yoga competently & with confidence.

The Training team

Claire Green – Yin Lead Trainer

yoga teacher training bali

  • Claire started practicing yoga 22 years ago and holds over 3,000 hours of Teacher Training & 20 years of yoga teaching experience.
  • Teacher trainers have included Gillian Russel, British Wheel of Yoga. Dr. Francoise Freeman, Birthlight. Donna Farhi, Sacroiliac Stability. Ana Forrest, Forrest Yoga. Maggie Reagh, Yoga Therapy International. Neil Pearson, Anatomy & Physiology for Musculoskeletal Conditions & Persistent Pain Specialist. Jaisri M Lambert, Ayurvedic Practitioner & Consultant. Todd Caldecott, Ayurvedic Practitioner, & Medical Herbalist. Tianne Allan, Restorative Yoga. Nicole Emily Marcia, Trauma & Addictions. DV Sridhar, Radha Sridhar & Viji Vasu, Yoga Philosophy, Yogaraksanam, Chennai. Paul Grilley, Functional Yoga & Skeletal differences, Jo Phee & Joe Barnett, Yin Yoga. Tom Myers, Anatomy Trains. Dr. Vincent Chung, Chinese Medicine. Ariele Foster DPD, the Fascia System, & Rachel Ellery Yoga Anatomy.
  • Claire is a Yoga Alliance RYT 500 yoga teacher qualified to lead teacher training & Akirayoga is a registered Yoga Alliance school.
  • From the UK & has been in Indonesia for 7 years, now residing on the Nusa Lembongan island. Loves: reading, writing poetry, art, dancing & her two local dogs.

Pilu Nebreda- Yang Lead Teacher

  • Pilu has 900 hours of teacher training &  over eight years of teaching experience in yoga, she is an RYT 500 yoga teacher qualified to lead teacher training. Initially completed her Ashtanga 200 hours with Ashtanga at Sachidananda School in Mysore, India in 2017. Later, she met a further 200 hours of Vinyasa Yoga Education with the well-recognized Briohny Smith. Pilu went on to complete Aerial Yoga Teacher Training in 2017, with Mandalablue Yoga, Gili Air, Indonesia, &  later became one of the mentors for the founder of the Fly High Yoga Teacher Trainings, Jose Luis Jimenez, assisting with his training programs & continues to assist with these trainings. She completed her Essential Yoga Anatomy with Jason Crandell &  Paul B. Rosache in 2018 &  completed further yoga training with Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Indonesia with Serenity Yoga Student training with Caroline Linelayzell in 2019. She immerses herself in 300 hours of Yoga Teacher Training with Deepa Ji &  many other teachers from India, &  completed further Yoga Anatomy training with Rachel Ellery.
  • She is an eternal student, an active &  adventure person, living in 7 different countries, most of the time in small places close by the ocean. She has a strong background in Ashtanga Vinyasa, & aerial disciplines like aerial silk, trapeze, bringing creative vinyasa into these styles.

Rachel Ellery – Anatomy

rachel ellery

  • UK-trained Osteopath, New Zealand-trained pilates rehab instructor & internationally recognized anatomy teacher Rachel Ellery, specializes in sharing her knowledge of human anatomy & movement principles with yoga students, yoga teachers, & body workers from around the world.

  • Her mantra “educating & moving the world one body at a time” stems from over 26 years of hands-on experience & 17 years of teaching functional anatomy, bodywork techniques, & movement. Her passion to heal others through touch & movement began while practicing sports therapy in the UK & Caribbean. Rachel naturally progressed into further education at the British School of Osteopathy graduating in 2000. Rachel has also continued training in Cranio-sacral Osteopathy, Garuda mat, dry needling, pediatrics, & shown interest in Eastern medicine healing modalities Wuo Tai, Zen Thai Shiatsu, Thai Vedic Yoga, & the Thai Massage Circus.

  • Since then, Rachel has practiced holistic osteopathy in NZ & is now based in Bali, the healing capital of Asia, she travels within Bali & to yoga schools across the globe to educate yoga students on the importance of human & functional anatomy encouraging them to develop their alignment, self-awareness, teaching skills & to educate others in the wonders of the body.

The first half of the Training

yoga teacher training bali

Techniques, Training and Practice

  • • How to teach & practice Vinyasa
    • The main Vinyasa yoga asana groups
    • Essential alignment considerations in Vinyasa
    • The use of modification & adjustment
    • Strength versus flexibility in any Yang practice
    • Demonstrate & teach common salutations in Vinyasa
    • Asana groups interactive practice labs
    • Contradictions & counter-indications to asana
    • The benefits of & practical application of pranayama
    • Preparation considerations for pranayama
    • The benefits of & practical application of meditation
    • The challenges to a meditation practice
    • The stages of meditation

Vinyasa Anatomy & Physiology

  • • How structure governs function in the body
    • Introduction to the systems of the body
    • Fundamentals of the breath
    Core cylinder – diaphragm & pelvic floor
    • Understanding movement
    • Osteology – the study of bones
    • Arthrology – the study of joints
    • Myology – The study of muscles
    • Myofascial lines
    • The 7 main chakras
    • Understanding the Koshas
    • The bandhas & kriyas
    • The 3 major nadis

Vinyasa Philosophy

  • • Pre-classical Yoga
    • Classical Yoga
    • Post Classical
    • Modern Period
    • The 8 limbs of yoga – Patanjali
    • Understanding the Kleshas
    • How we can take Patanjali yoga sutras off the mat

Teaching Vinyasa

  • • Key vinyasa sequencing principles when teaching.
    • Vinyasa yoga asana groups & teaching labs.
    • The energetic curve of a vinyasa class.
    • Intelligent anatomical sequenced lesson planning.
    • Lesson planning interactive labs.
    • The benefits of Vinyasa.
    • Demonstration, observation, and correcting
    • Sanskrit terms
    • Use of language & instruction

Vinyasa Practicums

  • • Preparing to teach & lesson preparation
    • Teaching labs for the main asana & their variations
    • Teaching Vinyasa yoga to build confidence
    • Vinyasa yoga practicum observations & feedback.
    • Supportive, safe & inclusive learning environment to allow you to grow into your own Vinyasa yoga teaching style.

20-hours Anatomy is online. This means you are able to study entirely at your own pace before the training begins. There will be a ‘Question & Answer’ session with the Anatomy teacher during your Vinyasa training.

Your second half of the Training

yoga teacher training bali

Techniques, Training and Practice

  • • The 5 dimensions of Yin Yoga & application.
    • Essential differences between Yin Yoga & other styles.
    • The physical, emotional, mental, & energetic benefits.
    • The sensory & energetic experience of movement.
    • Morning Yin yoga with Pranayama & Meditation
    • Evening Myofascial massage, Myoyin & Acuyin.
    • Key skeletal segments Yin yoga class practices.
    • Asymmetrical poses Yin yoga class practices
    • What are & why use Yin Yoga asana archetypes
    • The 7 Archetypes & target area, inc upper body.
    • A wide range of Archetype creative variations.
    • Functional Yoga principles for Yin yoga asanas
    • Counter-indications to the Yin yoga asana.

Chinese Medicine Anatomy & Physiology

  • • The 3 Treasures, & 4 Vital Substances
    • The Zangfu organs & sense organ connections.
    • Internal & external symptoms of disharmony.
    • The 3 Primary roles of the Meridian system.
    • The 12 Meridians of Yin yoga
    • The Meridian flow of Qi
    • The Meridians & emotions
    • The Meridian clock & lifestyle
    • The structural layers of Fascia
    • Fascia & physical holding patterns
    • Myoyin, Myofascial Massage & Acuyin theories
    • The fascia system & central nervous system.
    • The fascia system & pain.
    • Skeletal segments & muscle groups of Yin yoga
    • Hip, shoulder & spine anatomy & skeletal variations
    • Applying your biomechanics to Yin yoga.

Yin Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle & Ethics

  • • The history of Yin yoga
    • The concept of Qi & Yin Yang theory.
    • 5 Element theory within Chinese Medicine
    • The fundamentals of each element.
    • Applying the 5 elements & Meridian Theory in Yin yoga.
    • Contemplative & reflective journaling for self-growth.
    • How to both practice & place key Yin yoga philosophy into your practice/teaching to inspire your practice, students & teaching.

Teaching Yin Yoga

  • • Key asana Archetype principles when teaching.
    • Yin yoga asana variations & teaching labs.
    • Theming with meaning.
    • The energetic curve of a balanced class.
    • Intelligent anatomical sequenced lesson planning.
    • Lesson planning interactive labs.
    • The art of Yin yoga transitions.
    • Considering timings, rebounds, quotes & stories.
    • Student learning styles & strategies for teaching .
    • Creating nurturing connections with students.
    • Shadow mirroring & what we learn from our students.
    • The use of language, voice, tone, & vocabulary.
    • Healthy adjustments & use of safe touch.
    • Becoming comfortable with silence & observation.
    • Implementing other yoga styles & techniques.
    • The boundaries of a yoga teacher & our limitations.
    • The business side of teaching yoga (including marketing, online, insurance &  legal).

Yin Practicums

  • • Teaching upper body archetypes & variations
    • Teaching lower body archetypes & variations
    • Teaching Yin yoga to a small group to build confidence
    • Yin yoga practicum observations & feedback.
    • Supportive, safe & inclusive learning environment to allow you to grow into your own Yin yoga teaching style.

To explore your personal bio-mechanics & offer your personal guidance we limit our Yin Yoga Bali teacher training to 20 students only. Visit the booking link to reserve your spot.

yoga teacher training bali

  • Daily progressive meditation & pranayama program.
    • Hand mudras that complement the training.
    Establish meditation & pranayama as valuable tools &  feel confident incorporating these techniques for both a Vinyasa & Yin Yoga practice & teaching.

All techniques are included in your comprehensive manual to encourage continual practice.

Where we are
Nusa Lembongan

Yoga Dunia – The Training Studio

Yoga Dunia is a yoga studio in Bali, located on the paradise island of Lembongan, just a short 30-minute boat ride from Sanur, Bali. A 5-minute walk from Mushroom bay & Tamarind’s beaches. The perfect place to escape for a transformational Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. 

YOGA DUNIA MANAGER – Audrey is from France & has lived in Indonesia since 2014.  Audrey completes all the essential background work to make these trainings happen & run smoothly. In addition to managing the training studio & programs, Audrey will be your first contact point upon booking; she will hold your hand on the leisurely journey here, ascertaining the studio is immaculately clean, provide your healthy breakfast & ensure you have a thoroughly relaxed stay during your learning journey.

yoga teacher training bali

Accommodation is external to the Training Studio, we do offer 3 options which are within walking distance to the venue & beach.

Options available at the booking point:

  • • Dormitory  from $10 USD a night
    • Private Room $19 USD a night

    • Bungalow $30 USD a night

    • Extra nights to enjoy the island

    • Boat Ticket & Airport Transfer


We provide a healthy group breakfast. Restaurants with beachfront sunset views are all within walking distance of the venue, offering both local & western cuisine.

yoga teacher training bali

What’s Included

  • • Free gifts
    • Techniques, Asana Labs & Training Practice
    • Teaching Methodology & essential Teaching Tools
    • Anatomy & Functional Yoga
    • Philosophy & Physiology
    • Asana teaching labs & practicums
    • Progressive Pranayama & Meditation program
    • Guaranteed classes with lead teachers & small group
    • All props required, healthy breakfast & refreshments
    • Comprehensive Teacher Training Manual
    • You receive two full days off during the training.
    • Yoga Alliance certified certificate.

What’s Not Included

  • • Lunch, dinner, accommodation, stationary & journals.
    • Flights, Visa on entry & travel insurance.
    • Transport: (approx $30 for a return ticket from Bali, shuttle bus pick up & fast boat).
    • Getting here is very easy; details of how to get here are within the information pack we send out when your place is reserved & we walk you through the process.

Investment Options

Option 1 Full Payment – $2.295 | Save $400

Option 2 Deposit – $2.495 |$500 deposit, the remainder on arrival | Save $200

Option 3 Payment plan – $2.695  A $150 deposit & 4 x $636,25 payments.

Choose your date & secure your spot

March 26th – April 18th – BOOK NOW

August 6th – 29th – BOOK NOW

November 5th – 28th – BOOK NOW

Booking Conditions
  • We reserve the right to refuse a student’s application for teacher training.
  • All trainees must have their own travel & medical insurance for the duration of the training.
  • By signing up for the Teacher Training course, you commit 100% to the course content with an open heart & motivation for learning.
Cancellation Policy
  • If you choose to cancel within 30 days of the start date, all payments are non-refundable.
  • Before this date, your booking & the amount paid will be postponed toward a future teacher training or retreat within a 12-month period.
  • Please note this does not include the original deposit paid.

What Students Say

“Amazing and transformative”

A truly transformative training and amazing experience over the past month engaging with the Vinyasa and Yin Teacher Training course @YogaDunia. Audrey, Pilu, Claire, and Thia have been great support, very welcoming, and amazing. The Shala is a great open space. If you are looking for a great Yoga teacher training course, I totally recommend Yoga Dunia! Planning my next trip already…

Hervé B. July 2022

I just completed my 200hr Yin-Yang Yoga Teacher Training with Yoga Dunia and could not recommend the course more highly. I learnt so much not only about teaching but also about my own practice, met so many amazing people including Audrey, Pilu and Claire who run the course, and got to live on the beautiful island of Nusa Lembongan for a month. If you’re thinking about signing up for teacher training do it, you won’t regret it!

Saskia Duncan

If you are wanting a yoga teacher training that is well organised and professionally run whilst also being welcoming , inclusive and supportive sign up with Yoga Dunia Lembongan.
Thank you Audrey, Claire and Pilu for your dedication to providing a Yoga training that comes from the heart.

Tracey Fearn

What else we offer

yoga teacher training bali

YOGA teacher training Bali

Do you want to focus more on the teaching aspects of Yin Yoga? Including our role as teachers, practice teaching all seven archetypes, & explore the vast creative variations we can incorporate. Different anatomy is also included, where we further explore the Fascia system, particularly in relation to pain, & the Autonomic Nervous system. Also, Spine & Shoulder anatomy & how this affects functional movement, together with diving deeper into Chinese Medicine.

yin yoga teacher training bali

YOGA teacher training Bali

Maybe the teaching aspects are not so important for you, but you wish to know more about Yin Yoga. This program includes all practice fundamentals: philosophy, meridians, principal Chinese Medicine & our well-being. We explore all 7 archetypes, have twice daily practices, & complimentary fascia techniques. Anatomy is also explored, including the fascia layers, holding patterns, Hip anatomy, how this affects our postures & applying this to your body.


YOGA teacher training Bali

Or prefer online learning? Study an accredited Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine training entirely at your own pace & in the comfort of your home, returning to your study as often as required. This online Teacher Training gently guides you through all the fundamental aspects of the Yin yoga practice, including essential philosophical & physiological aspects, the meridians, how to place the theory into your Yin yoga with full class practices, & reflection on difficult emotions.

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