Online Yin yoga & TCM Teacher Training 50 Hours

A Yoga Alliance Online Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine Teacher Training

A self-paced 50-hour Online Yin Yoga & TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) Teacher Training. This unique program is meticulously designed to deepen your understanding of the intricate Meridian system, the vital Visceral organs, & the delicate balance of harmony & disharmony within the body. Gain insights into the interconnectedness of these elements & their impact on health & well-being.

Dive into the fascinating world of Anatomy. Explore the Fascia system, delve into essential muscle groups, & understand the skeletal structure’s role in yoga. Learn the core principles of Functional Yoga Asanas to enhance your practice & teaching methodologies. This course includes essential teaching tools & strategies to refine your skills in creating effective lesson plans & engaging class experiences.

Engage in immersive learning with our specially curated 90-minute, five-class series with pranayama & meditation, designed to embody the five elements for a comprehensive understanding of Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine. Elevate your expertise with our 2-hour master class focused on meridian-targeted areas, empowering you to design themed Yin Yoga classes that incorporate meridian principles effectively.

Our extensive training includes a comprehensive manual, boasting over 250 inventive Asana variations to inspire & expand your teaching repertoire. Whether you’re aspiring to become a Yin Yoga instructor or looking to deepen your existing knowledge, this Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training offers all the resources you need to progress in your journey.

What You Will Learn – the Online Yin TTC Syllabus

We have over 9 years of experience in delivering Yin Yoga Teacher Training, & provide a clear & comprehensive syllabus, to ensure you know exactly what to expect from our program.

Yin Yoga Asana manual includes over 250 creative variations

Yin Yoga & TCM Philosophy

• Uncovering the history of Yin Yoga.
• Taoist Philosophy & Yin Yoga.
• Energy flow & balance.
• Wu Wei, Yin-Yang & balance.
• Qi & Yin-Yang Theory.
• 5 Element Theory.
• Characteristics of the elements.
• Yin & Yang aspects of each element.
• Physical & emotional imbalances.
• The 5 Element Personalities.
• Imbalances in these Personalities.
• Recognize & address imbalances.
• Patanjali Yoga Philosophy & Yin Yoga.
• The aspect of Dharma & Meditation.
• Meditation within a Yin Yoga practice.
• Challenges of a Meditation Practice.
• Exploring the concept of Mindfulness.
• Mindful Yin Yoga & examples.

Yin Yoga & TCM Physiology

• Meridian Theory.
• Meridians & Emotions.
• The Yin & Yang pairing system.
• The Meridians of the arms & legs.
• Physical & emotional Qi depletions.
• The Zangfu organs & Meridian theory.
• The target area within each Meridian & the associated Yin yoga asana.

Yin Yoga Anatomy

• The mechanics of breathing.
• The Breath & Connective Tissue.
• Conscious Breathing & Yin Yoga.
• Becoming emotional during Yin Yoga.
• Fascia – structures & functions.
• Fascia, ligaments & tendons.
• Indicators of unhealthy Fascia.
• Postural issues, Fascia & emotions.
• Understanding the skeletal system.
• The muscular system in Yin yoga.
• Yin Yoga strength & joint mobility.

Theory into Practice

  • Fundamental Practice Principles
  • Yin Yoga & other styles of yoga
  • The 5-dimensional benefits
  • Five 90-minute elemental master classes
  • A 2-hour full meridian master class
  • Four meditations
  • A yoga nidra practice
  • Functional Yoga principles in asanas
  • Yin Yoga Asana Tutorials & Variations
  • 250 Archetype variations manual

Teaching Tools

• Your role as a Yin Yoga Teacher.
• Creating effective lessons..
• Harmonious sequencing.
• Verbal cues & instructions
• Hands-on adjustments
• A Safe & Supportive Environment.
• Philosophy & lesson plan theming
• Lifestyle tips & tools

Online Yin Yoga Questions & Answers


This online Yin yoga teacher training is designed for anyone wishing to deepen their knowledge of Yin Yoga. Whether you’re new to Yin yoga, an experienced practitioner, or a yoga teacher seeking an embodied Yin yoga practice, this training provides practical tools for creating balance.


The training is conducted entirely online. Upon purchase, you will receive access to an online portal where all the resources are stored. You can conveniently view the resources anytime using your login details.


The course materials for this online Yin yoga teacher training will remain accessible throughout the lifetime of the course.


This Yin Yoga online training encompasses essential lessons on the interconnectedness of the Meridian system, organs, & the indicators of harmony/disharmony. Delve into the intricate anatomy world, exploring the Fascia system, muscle groups, skeletal structure, & the core principles of Functional Yoga asanas. You’ll cultivate essential teaching tools, refining your skills in creating effective lesson plans.

The program includes five 90-minute Yin Yoga classes, four meditations, & a Yoga Nidra session. It encourages embodied reflections on Trust, Adventure, Abundance, Harmony, & surrender. Additionally, you’ll have access to a 2-hour bonus class, a comprehensive training manual, & over 250 creative asana variations to enhance your learning experience.


This is a digital, downloadable course, it is for this reason we regretfully cannot provide refunds.


Upon completing the program, you will receive a 50-Hour Certificate in Online Yin Yoga & TCM Teacher Training, accredited by Yoga Alliance. This certification can be applied to fulfill the “Continuing Education” requirements for registered yoga teachers. Akirayoga is a registered Yoga Alliance school, you can find more details & read Yoga Alliance student reviews Here. 


At Akirayoga, we prioritize creating an inclusive learning platform. Our user-friendly platform ensures easy access & navigation throughout the course. For any questions, insights, or guidance, you can directly contact me via the provided WhatsApp number or email. I am here to support you throughout your learning journey.


Please email [email protected] with any questions. I’m here to help.

What Our Students Say

I have just completed the 50hr online Yin YTT. The format was well structured and the lectures clear and concise. Thank you so much Claire . I wish I could have done it in person as your studio space looks so inviting. X

Ard AalinAkirayoga Google review Sept 2023

Excellent online YTT.
Claire stays in touch with you via e-mail and helps you out if needed.
Thank you, Claire.

Cy MondayAkirayoga Google Review Sept 2023

This was my first time taking an online yoga course and my experience was amazing. The course was straight forward, easy to follow and informative. The manuals in the program are such an asset to have and follow along with. Truly wonderful!

Zeeshan RohillahAkirayoga Google review Sept 2023

I took Claire’s 50 hour online yin yoga teacher training and Chinese medicine course (Yoga Alliance CEU). Claire’s calm and approachable manner invites you to learn and explore this fascinating course, and the attention to detail and thorough explanations of the concepts made them easy to understand and apply to my teaching. I was so impressed by Claire that I signed up for all her classes!!

Andrea Luis y Prado Feb 2023 Akirayoga Facebook review

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Exploring introspection and relaxation during the Half Butterfly Pose in our YIN YOGA ONLINE TEACHER TRAININ
Delving into skeletal hip variations in the Yin Yoga Shoelace pose during our online yin yoga and TCM teacher training
asana practice during our online yin yoga and TCM teacher training
Mindfulness and Movement Yoga pose

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