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Welcome Yoga friends, I’m Claire, yoga teacher, yoga therapist & passionate Yin yogi. My offering is to share my journey of Yin Yoga with you. I Offer Yoga Alliance Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings, & Vinyasa/Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings Bali, Yin Yoga Online Teacher Trainings & full embodied Yin Yoga online workshops & class packages. I have a You-Tube Yin yoga channel, including meditations & tutorials. Inspiring creative yin yoga practices to ignite your own Yin yoga passion.

I love the pure raw healing potential of a yoga practice: the contrast between the strength & power of a yang practice compared to the grace & surrender within a yin practice. I teach a fusion of the styles that I have studied with a strong emphasis on using the whole body, & the breath to develop strength, essential for a Yang practice & the sacred balance of effort & surrender within the Yin practice & I enjoy the beautiful flow between the two extremes.


My Background

I started practicing yoga 18 years ago following having sciatica & pelvic pain. Also suffering from anxiety & a high alert state as a young adult, self medication in numerous ways was a habitual pattern. Yoga entered my life after stumbling across a yoga video at a yard sale. Initially, due to the social anxiety it was very much a personal self taught practice not entering a class for two years. As a highly sensitive child yoga enabled a tapping into skills to help others rather than feeling dis-connected with the world.

My offerings are holistic and therapeutic finding equal emphasis on strength building of the mind, body & soul, as well as graceful acceptance. Akira means ‘graceful strength ‘.

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”
–The Bhagavad Gita

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Yoga Training & Experience

I hold over 1,500 hours of Yoga Teacher Training & 17 years of teaching experience in a vast range of teaching styles including Hatha, Yin yoga, pregnancy yoga, yoga therapy, Ayurveda, restorative yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine, and an RYT 500 yoga teacher qualified to lead teacher trainings.

I encourage an inclusive learning environment that is informative, insightful, and embodies anatomy functionality. My focus is one of guidance & nurturing, allowing you to develop trust in your own bodies’ inherent wisdom, to listen to this inner guidance, open into your own personal experience, enriching your instinctive senses, & find your way of returning to a more balanced nature.

I have worked with thousands of students and clients all over the world as both a yoga teacher & therapist. I teach classes, workshops, one-to-ones, retreats, & teacher training related to both the Yin & Yang style of yoga, therapeutic movement, functional anatomy, restorative practices, trauma focused, Chinese Medicine, & Myofascial techniques.

To contact me directly about any of my services please use the contact page.

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Lets Connect

200 Hour Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Teacher Training.


The first half is Anatomy & Vinyasa elements. The second half is the Yin yoga element.

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  • Techniques, Practical Training & Practice for both styles
  • Teaching Methodology for both styles
  • Anatomy & Physiology for both styles
  • Anatomy Specific lectures
  • Functional yoga analysis for your specific body
  • Yoga Philosophy for both styles
  • Lifestyle & Ethics for Yoga Teachers
  • The business side of teaching yoga
  • 10 hours total teaching Practicums
  • Guaranteed Yin & Yang classes with Lead teachers
  • Systematic pranayama & meditation progressive program
  • Comprehensive Yin, Yang & Anatomy Training manuals
  • Yoga Alliance certified standards of training & qualification certificate.

Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings, Bali

yoga teacher training bali

yin yoga teacher training

yoga teacher training bali

Be inspired with our Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings.

Minutes from the beach in a peaceful location, this is the perfect tranquil setting to dive deeper into your Yoga & become qualified to teach Yin Yoga.


Techniques, Practical Training & Practice

Teaching Methodology

Anatomy & Physiology

Yoga Philosophy

Lifestyle & Ethics for Yoga Teachers

5 hours Teaching Practicums of Yin, Pranayama & Meditation

Guaranteed classes with Lead teachers

Systematic pranayama & meditation classes program

Functional yoga analysis for your specific body

Comprehensive Yin Teacher Training manual

100 hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training Certification of Completion

Yoga Alliance Accredited

yoga teacher training bali

online yin yoga teacher training

Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Whether you want to teach yin yoga, deepen your personal practice, or you’re just starting to learn this beautiful style, offering 15 or 30 hour Online Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings to provide you with all the essentials & integrated guidance to both deepen your personal yin yoga journey & provide teaching inspiration.

Course participants receive a yin yoga certificate of completion to use with the Yoga Alliance (or other applicable organization).

These courses are entirely online. You have unlimited access, you can go at your own pace, & you can return to the lessons & the practices as many times as you would like.

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Check out the comprehensive syllabus

Online Traditional Chinese Medicine Techniques & Yin Yoga Workshops & Packages


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  • Access and login to the online portal.
  • 8/10 Practice and theoretical key concepts lessons.
  • Learn about the energetics of the elements, yin and yang aspects, seasonal connectivity, anatomical relationship with the physical body and our emotions.
  • Learn about the associated meridians, the 4 elemental phases, elemental imbalances and reflective considerations for our Yin yoga practice.
  • Full length guided embodied yin yoga practices, meditations/yoga nidra.
  • Seasonal Acupuncture pressure points you can incorporate easily at home.
  • Seasonal nutritional recipes and essential oils.
  • Lifestyle tips and self care suggestions to harmonize with each season.
  • Seasonal self inquiry prompts and reflections.
  • All physical practices and lessons are downloadable with a additional beautifully illustrated color booklet of all the resources.


akirayoga reviews


Claire was absolutely amazing. Her knowledge of yin was incredible. I learned so much from the classes. I am more confident in teaching yin yoga now. The class set up was fantastic. Highly recommend Claire.

Akirayoga Yoga Alliance YACEP profile: 5 stars by Ellysse Mellington

I recently completed a 55 hour yin yoga teacher training course with Claire. Claire is a fantastic teacher: very professional but always maintains a sense of fun. Claire demonstrated very thorough theoretical and practical knowledge of yin yoga. In just a week she was able to help me listen to my own body and intuitively respond to what my body needs in yin yoga shapes more so than any other yin yoga teacher has before. As I am someone who is already naturally quite flexible, a lot of yin yoga teachers “give up” on me as they find it difficult to offer variations – but Claire offered me guidance that helped me get deeper into my body.

Claire is also very affable and supported team bonding – by the end of the week, all of us attending the yin yoga training group were good friends. I was really happy with my experience – well worth the time and money

Jess Williams akirayoga_claire facebook review December 2019

Extraordinary knowledge in Yin Yoga. My Teacher Claire Green is amazing she really changed me into positive pathway in reaching my future goal. Thank you so much for everything and love you always, Namaste _/)(_

Peter Yip akirayoga_claire facebook review December 2019

Just completed the 55 Yin Yoga Teaching course with Claire.
I thoroughly enjoyed the week, loved it actually!!
Claire is a very accomplished Teacher in all aspects of Yoga.
Her passion shines though with every word and action.
The group of strangers were from all across the globe and by the end of the week were warm friends united by Yin.
I highly recommend Claire’s course for Yoga teachers and anyone wanting to learn more about Yin for their own practice.

PeteandKim Woodhouse akirayoga_claire facebook review December 2019

I had an amazing week of Yin yoga training from Claire. She is not just only a knowledgeable and experienced teacher, but also a caring and compassionate life mentor.
As english isn’t my mother language plus this is my first yoga training, at the beginning I was kind of scared of getting understand on all the lessons. However, her consistent encouragement and passionate truly inspiring me. The knowledge I’ve learnt from this training is more than I expected. Now I feel more confident to practice Yin on my own with awareness of what’s for me. Thanks Claire for sharing all those amazing moments with me. We will def see each other again for my 200 hrs training.

Joey Kang – akirayoga_claire facebook review December 2019

I recently completed a Yin yoga teacher training with Claire at H20 yoga in Gili Air. It was an awesome course with great content. Claire gave us a deep immersion into the feeling of Yin yoga within our own bodies which becomes the foundation we are able to go on and teach from. Claire delivered great content on Taoism, meridians and the theoretical background of Yin yoga. Claire is brilliant at holding space, facilitating, caring for the well being of students and also testing our understanding of the teaching points she is delivering. If you get a chance to do a training with Claire go for it. I hope our paths cross again sometime.

Adam Bailey – akirayoga_claire facebook review December 2019

Yes, I can recommend taking a class or a ytt with Claire!
She have a vast knowledge and teaches this in a good way 
And! She is a nice person as well

Preben Kobro – akirayoga_claire facebook review December 2019

I had the most amazing time learning from Claire in the yin yoga teacher training. She has a great knowledge of yoga in general and especially in yin yoga. She has a great way to provide her knowledge and to bring the theory into practice. I even learned a lot of things to integrate into my yang hours and personal practice. Out of the many ttc I have already done, I probably enjoyed this one the most. I would def come back to Claire if I want to deepen my yin knowledge and teachings.

Diana Pieper – akirayoga_claire facebook review December 2019

I attended the 55 hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training with Claire. She is an intuitive, attentive, sensitive, knowledgeable and experienced teacher and mentor with such energy. She provided a very safe place to take us on the beautiful journey of yin yoga. The content of the course was much more than I had expected, I have now so much tools to practice and inspire people in their own journey towards yin yoga. I highly recommend her classes and will not hesitate in doing further education on Yoga with her. Thank you Claire and keep the great work!

Han Ferdani – akirayoga_claire facebook review December 2019

After not long completing 55 hour Yin teacher training with Claire… words can not express the gratitude I feel for experiencing such an amazing week. On so many levels. I loved every minute of it. Claire is an incredible instructor, teacher and mentor. I would whole heartily recommend any of Claire’s retreats or training as she has a wealth of knowledge and her energy is so inspiring. She has the ability to transform and bring out the best in oneself. A very special soul indeed.

Ing Spence – akirayoga_claire facebook review November 2019

Claire taught me for the 7 day 55 hour Yin Yoga RYTT. I found Claire to be knowledgable, open, kind, funny and loving. I have come away with an understanding of the history of Yin, the meridians and the difference between Yin and Yang yoga practices. Thanks so much Claire for being a great human and for sharing your knowledge with me. Hugs

Emma Curtis-Smith – akirayoga_claire facebook review November 2019

I took part in the 55 hour Yin Yoga training with Claire and it was truly a transformational week. Aside from imparting her wealth of knowledge on the group about yin yoga, the meridians energy systems, and theory; Claire made the week about bringing us closer to ourselves, each other, and our practice. Claire was patient and fun and fostered a caring, nurturing environment that I saw the whole group grow from. I could not recommend this experience and Claire enough.

Celia Grubba – akirayoga_claire facebook review November 2019

Claire has been the most wonderful mentor over the past year. It has been such a privilege to assist on her Yin teacher training courses. She had been my biggest cheerleader, guiding and supporting me all the way. Claire is an inspiring teacher to work with. She has a unique way of teaching Yin Yoga that drew me in from the start. She offers the perfect balance of sound anatomical knowledge, fluid intelligent sequencing, and an intuitive healing presence

Kate Parrott – akirayoga_claire facebook review October 2019

Yoga Retreats H20 Yoga and Meditation Center Review September 2019

After successfully completing the Yin yoga course with Clare and Kate I feel so confident in teaching in this style and applying the theory to my own practice. It was an amazing week, beautiful accommodation, amazing people, I loved every minute . to be able to walk 2 minutes from the beach twice a day for a dip in the calm ocean was a blessing. H20 is a great location, I have so much gratitude to the teachers for making the learning so interactive, fun and relevant. Sending much love to you both and the H20 team for taking care of me.

Francee Flowers Book Yin yoga Teacher Training at its best.

Book Yoga Retreats review at H20 yoga and Meditation Centre September 2019

I can thoroughly recommend the training, it was presented very professionally and clearly. The group was beautiful, a very mixed bunch, some teachers some just with just a very keen interest to learn more. Claire prepared all of us to teach and the course program was delivered in a way with very effective teaching skills to allow us to understand and absorb. H20 is a beautiful facility and the staff are charming. I am sure I will return for other trainings.

Olga Sharipova Excellent Training Program

I attended Claire’s 55 hour Yin Yoga teacher training last week at H20, in Gili Air. I hadn’t met Claire before the training and decided to register for the training purely on the reviews from previous students who had taken the same training. I am so glad I did, Claire is a wonderful, passionate teacher who lives and breathes the yogic philosophy and is able to tailor the teaching of her vast knowledge to the level of her students understanding, whether that be a beginner new to teaching or a more advanced teacher. The program was fairly intense with fairly long days, but the time flew by because the lectures were interesting and fun. The physical practise was superb and I so benefited from these on a personal level as well as understanding how to deliver a class for my students. I highly recommend Claire’s training she is a gifted teacher who walks the talk! Thank you Claire for a wonderful week and for sharing your passion.

Angela Griffiths recommends akirayoga_claire. September Facebook review 2019

Chakra Transformation Retreat August 2019.

I had an amazing time at my Chakra Transformation Retreat at Yoga Dunia with lovely people, delicious healthy breakfast, nice accomodation and, of cause, great yoga lessons. A big THANK YOU to Claire, who made sure we do yoga in a safe and respectful way for our body and who teached us so much more than just yoga. I definitely recommend her classes to everyone who are not just interested in doing a workout yoga. I felt home for a week and would definitely come back again!

Nicole lorenz – akirayoga facebook page review.
 Harro0166 Tripadvisor review at H20 Yoga and Meditation Centre July 2019
This was a beautiful week of incredible yoga tuition, excellent food and the island lifestyle we all dream of. I met a cool bunch of yogis and yogini’s and we plan to all catch up in Barcelona for a re union in 12 months. This was a good investment. We learnt, we felt, we experienced, I now now understand the beauty of Yin that was eluding me, thanks to Claire’s vast knowledge and ability to convey that.
Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali

June and July 2019 was a hard core Yoga trip I had been planning for a year. I visited many studios in Ubud, Seminyak, Canguu and on the different Gili islands. After attending a drop in class with Clare at H20 I decided to stay and do a retreat package.Clare and the other teachers are top shelf, they are not about gymnastics, they are just normal people that have followed the path of self improvement in their own lives for a long time and have nice and meaningful things to share with people. They all seem to approach yoga in a careful way, not reckless like some other places which is very re-assuring.

Book Yoga Retreat for H20 yoga and meditation centre Review by Natalie Prim July 15, 2019

I attended the 55 hour Yin Yoga course to deepen my own experience, i’m not a teacher presently but have been thinking about it for some time, after completing this course with Clare it has reconfirmed my idea of becoming a Yin yoga teacher. Amazing structure and depth to the course which is a credit to Clare. The location is also spot on, with an amazing centre that has everything you need on site all set on a beautiful paradise island.

Book Yoga Retreat for H20 yoga and meditation centre Review by Stuart June 11, 2019

As a qualified teacher I came here to learn more about Yin yoga as i wish to start teaching this style. The course has left me feeling so inspired and motivated to continue this journey. Everything from the structure and knowledge base, to the yoga center on a idyllic island was perfect. Thank you.

Book Yoga Retreat for H20 yoga and meditation centre Review by Joanne Sherwood June 6, 2019

I attended the yin yoga course with Clare and it was exceptional. The amount of information, theory and practical sessions is a real credit to Clare and her ability to structure all this information into the time span, I enjoyed it so much and feel both inspired and motivated to take this new learning into my teaching. The H20 center was the perfect setting to aid learning, it was so peaceful and all the staff made my stay very comfortable and enjoyable. Thank you Clare and the H20 team.

Book Yoga Retreat for H20 yoga and meditation centre review by Mia Presley. June 4, 2019

This was my second visit to H2O to attend the 55 hour Yin Teacher training course with Claire.I attended the 7 day mindfulness retreat a couple of years ago and this motivated me to travel to India and become a Yoga teacher. I was impressed with Claire as a instructor then so when I discovered that she was running the Yin course I didn’t hesitate as I was already interested in teaching Yin. I found Claires course to be excellent it was well structured and very hands on . Claires passion and enthusiasm for Yoga is impressive and she is very dedicated to her calling. I would recommend it without any hesitation for anyone considering to become a yin teacher. So once again Claire thank you for your dedication and also to Jon for creating such a good environment for anyone who visits H2O

May 25, 2019 – JimH Tripadvisor review at H20 Yoga and Meditation Centre: Yin Yoga Teaching Course

I was at H20 yoga for their yin yoga course. The place is very peaceful and quiet most of the day. The staff is so sweet and kind, kept on smiling away 
The course covered all topics that I expected from a yin yoga training: meridians, sequencing, a lot of practice, personal reflection and personal attention. We got creative with paint, Claire’s lectures were very clear and well-accompanied with to-the-point notes on a flip-over and we got to do some aqua yoga, which is the floatiest experience ever! I enjoyed sitting in the shade of the café, reading or writing and cruiusing the cute little island on bikes that are for rent at H20. I truely recommend trhe training to anyone who wants to leave the island with a deep understanding of what yin yoga is, can mean for the body and can trigger in the mind. Powerful tool,
thanks everyone!

Ingeling99 May 27, 2019 Tripadvisor review for H20 Yoga and Meditation centre – Deep dive into yin yoga

I came to H20 for a short Yin Yoga teacher training and thoroughly enjoyed it. From the moment of arriving, the whole service at this center was fantastic. I was well looked after by all the staff and the design of the course exceeded my expectations. It is a credit to Clare how she manages to structure so much information into one week. Having all the yoga classes linked to the lectures each day really helped the learning and integration of the theory. I feel excited for bringing the Yin style into my teaching and hope to come back to H20 for just a holiday next year.

Book Yoga Retreat for H20 yoga and meditation centre Review by Edwina Morgan. May 31, 2019

I completed the Yin Yoga course with Clare and found it fantastic, from the level of knowledge base, expertise in this field, teacher instruction to the whole design and structure of the course, it was a credit to Clare to cover so many elements over such a short space of time, it exceeded my expectations and left me excited to begin putting this all into my teaching practice. The center itself is set on a paradise island, with no cars and minutes from the beach. It has everything on site to make things so easy for you during training, including a healthy cafe and spa. I plan to come back next year to come back and do the 200 hours. Thank you Clare and H20.

Book Yoga Retreat for H20 yoga and meditation centre Review by Bradley Thompson. May 28, 2019

I attended the Yin course with Clare and it exceeded my expectations. Her knowledge base, professionalism and humor was everything I needed to begin my own journey of self healing following a breakdown. The center itself is in a perfect location just minutes from both the harbor and beach and had everything I wanted for a small break. The social scene here is great if your traveling alone, sitting around the cafe or indulging in a spa treatment and I found both the host/owner and all the staff here very polite, friendly and attentive. I plan to come back later in the year to do some more work with Clare and very much look forward to this.

Book Yoga Retreat for H20 yoga and meditation centre Review by Dane Morris. May 23, 2019

Embarking on a deeper understanding of Yin Yoga was a very important step on my spiritual path and the course led by Claire was magnificent. All of the other students also agreed that the quality of teaching and value for money was excellent. If anyone has done yoga classes with teachers and not been inspired, than I urge you to attend Claire’s Yin as you will find a new zest for life and yoga!

Book Yoga Retreat for H20 yoga and meditation centre Review by Billy Keranski May 22, 2019

I loved the structure and knowledge that this course delivered, to be able to have this content delivered so clearly and precisely in the time allocated is a credit to Claire, your knowledge and understanding of mind, body and spirit comes through beautifully.
Claire puts so much passion into every part I would highly recommend this training to anyone wanting to further their practice and to share with their students. Thank you so much X

March 7, 2019. yogilizzy Tripadvisor review for H20 Yoga and Meditation centre: The 55 hour Yin Yoga Teacher training was exceptional
I recently completed Claire’s 30 hour online Yin Yoga. The timing for this wonderful self-study invitation has overlapped perfectly with where I’ve been lately in my journey of growing and healing.
Thank you Akirayoga for the beautiful space you created and held.
I appreciated the ways you modeled the power of silence and going inwards, of listening with our entire body.
I love that it included Taoism, dharma, Chinese medicine, this course uncovered the answers I was searching for. It opened the door to the experiences I needed in order to find my next step. Namaste!
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