Yin Yoga For The Elements

Dive into a deep, introspective journey with our embodied Yin Yoga for the Elements comprehensive practice series, guiding you through a exploration of self-awareness & renewal.

yin yoga for the elements

yin yoga for the elements

  • Experience Yin Yoga for the Elements with five intelligently sequenced 90-minute practices. Each class offers new learnings as we explore a different physical & reflective focus, enhancing body awareness of our connectivity with the elements & Meridian system.
  • Enjoy floor-based creative sequences, deep stretches, & introspective silences, allowing the body to release habitual patterns.
  • Functional yoga applications cater to all skeletal structures, offering variations for beginners & more advanced practitioners.
  • Embedded within the classes are insightful reflections on Adventure, Abundance, Trust, Harmony, & Courage for an embodied Yin yoga experience.
  • Discover myofascial techniques for deep fascia release & blissful deep relaxations to maximize the benefits of the classes.
  • A bonus two-hour master Yin yoga class for all 12 meridians is included.
  • All practices are downloadable for your convenience.

yin yoga for the elements

Practice 1

Yin Yoga for the Wood element

Experience the invigorating energy of spring & the Wood element through Yin Yoga. Explore poses that deeply stretch & stimulate the inner thighs, side of the body, hips, & pelvis.

Indulge in a blissful savasana, allowing the benefits of the practice to integrate fully.

Practice 2

Yin Yoga for the Fire element

Ignite the fiery energy of summer & the Fire element through Yin Yoga. Delve into poses that open the chest, shoulders, heart center, & outer & inner arms, providing a deep stretch.

Indulge in a blissful savasana, allowing the practice to integrate & nourish the body & mind.

Practice 3

Yin Yoga for the Earth element

Ground yourself in the nurturing energy of late summer & the Earth element through Yin Yoga. Embrace long holds that deeply stretch the hip flexors, front of the body, & thighs.

Indulge in a blissful savasana, allowing the practice to cultivate a sense of calm & balance.

Practice 4

Yin Yoga for the Metal element

Embrace the transformative energy of autumn & the Metal element through Yin Yoga. Explore poses with long holds that release tension in the chest, shoulders, lungs, & outer & inner arms.

Indulge in a blissful savasana, allowing the practice to create a sense of inner spaciousness & restoration.

Practice 5

Yin Yoga for the Water element

Dive into the introspective energy of winter & the Water element through Yin Yoga. Experience long holds that stimulate the back of the body, hamstrings, & groin.

Indulge in a blissful savasana, allowing the practice to foster a sense of deep relaxation & inner rejuvenation.


Embark on a 2-hour full body Master class practice, exploring all 12 meridians. Experience long holds that invite deep stretching & reflective silences, allowing for a transformative journey within.

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