200-hour Yoga Teacher Training Bali

Become a Certified Yoga Instructor: Join Our 200-Hour Program in Bali

A uniquely balanced 25 Days & 25 Nights Anatomy, Vinyasa & Yin Yoga 200-Hour Teacher Training in Bali. Together, they weave into a seamlessly integrated Yoga Teacher Training experience, that will not only fuel your passion for Yoga but also empower you with the skills & confidence to kickstart your teaching career.

Elevate Your Teaching Skills With Our 200-Hour Yoga Training Program in Bali

Our Yoga Teacher Training begins with an exploration of Creative Vinyasa, essential Anatomy, & traditional Yoga practices, providing a deep understanding of the dynamic interplay between creative flow & ancient traditions. The latter part immerses you in Yin Yoga, seamlessly interwoven with Chinese Medicine wisdom.

Our Yoga Alliance Certified program covers both Yin & Yang styles, including Practice & Techniques, Pranayama, Chanting, Meditation, & Hand Mudras. We also delve into Traditional Yoga Philosophy, Chinese Medicine, the Chakra system, & Meridians. Emphasizing essential Anatomy & the Fascia system, & exploring their relationship with the brain & pain. Deep tissue techniques like Myofascial Release Massage, Myoyin & Acuyin enhance the learning experience.

We analyze the Nervous system & Vagus Nerve, Hip & Spine Analysis, Functional Yoga, & Skeletal variations. Student Biomechanics are studied through Asana labs. Additionally, we offer training in Teaching Tools, Lesson Planning & Sequencing, Teaching Practicums, Ethics, Lifestyle, Reflection & Contemplation, & the Business of Yoga. Online learning supplements the program.

Completion of our RYT 200 program equips you with the skills & knowledge needed for Yoga teaching certification.

Nestled on the serene island of Nusa Lembongan, minutes from Sanur in Bali, our tranquil setting offers the perfect backdrop. Enjoy complimentary breakfast, onsite accommodation with pool facilities, access to our cafe & spa. Explore Bali’s vibrant lifestyle with our curated evening meal excursions & island adventures. Let us simplify your journey with our hotel pickup service upon arrival in Bali.

200 hour yoga teacher training in bali studio ethos

Explore Bali’s Beauty: Excursions & Activities During Your Training

We organise evening meal excursions for you during the training, so you are able to enjoy Bali island life. During your training, you‘ll have three days off to relax & recharge. To make your downtime even more memorable, we’ll organize island adventures for you to explore.

2024 Dates & Times

4th – 28th August

Each Yoga Training date starts at 2pm for a welcome circle, & introduction to the Training, followed by a Yoga Masterclass. On the last day, we end at 4.30pm, for the certificate ceremony & a celebration Sunset dinner.

From $1785 – Save $500USD with our Super Early Bird & $350USD with our Early Bird Prices.

the anatomy of yoga bali teacher training 2024

Vinyasa yoga on our 200 hour yoga teacher training in bali

yin yoga on our 200 hour yoga teacher training in bali

Both Vinyasa & Yin Yoga, with their emphasis on movement & stillness, respectively, are integral components of a comprehensive 200-Hour yoga teacher training program. Incorporating indepth Anatomy teachings into these styles offers a holistic approach, catering to different preferences & providing a well-rounded skill set for aspiring yoga teachers.

What to Expect: Our 200-Hour Training Program Syllabus

Limited to 20 students for a more intimate learning experience. Benefit from tailored guidance & explore the intricacies of your biomechanics. This approach ensures a uniquely personalized educational experience, fostering deeper learning & understanding.

Transparency is at the heart of our yoga school. We are committed to offering a well-defined syllabus. This ensures that you are fully informed about what our program entails. Valuing your commitment to your Yoga teaching path. The Yoga adventure begins with an exploration of Creative Vinyasa, essential Anatomy, & traditional facets of Yoga. The latter part adopts a holistic approach by immersing you in the realms of Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine principles.

Suitable for those aspiring to teach or simply deepen their yoga understanding, we aim to deliver an experience that is not only memorable but also gives you the skills to teach with confidence & qualification to lead impactful yoga sessions.

Start as soon as you sign up – 20-hours Anatomy is online. Study at your own pace, & revisit key concepts as often as you need to.

vinyasa and anatomy curriculum in our 200 hour yoga teacher training in bali

Techniques, Training & Practice

• Breakdown of Vinyasa teaching methods
• Practical tips for effective practice
• Main yoga pose categories in Vinyasa
• Vinyasa postural asana labs
• Importance of alignment for injury prevention
• Utilizing modifications for individual needs
• Providing adjustments for optimal postures
• Balancing strength & flexibility in dynamic yoga
• Demonstration & teaching Vinyasa salutations
• Incorporating salutations into a yoga routine
• Guidelines for adapting poses based on individual limitations

Vinyasa Anatomy & Physiology

• The interplay of structure & function in the body
• The major physiological systems in the body
• The basics of breath mechanics & its importance
• The core, focusing on the diaphragm & pelvic floor
• The principles & mechanics of body movement
• The skeletal system & its components
• Joint structure & function in the body
• The muscular system & its functions
• The 7 Chakras in the body & their significance
• Understanding Bandhas & Kriyas
• The 3 Major Nadis

Vinyasa Philosophy

• Pre-classical: early yogic philosophies/practices
• Classical: traditional yogic teachings.
• Post-Classical: Evolution of yoga
• Modern Period: yoga in the contemporary era
• The Yoga Sutras & 8 Limbs of Yoga - Patanjali.
• Understanding the Kleshas.
• Practical application of Patanjali's teachings
• Taking Patanjali Yoga Sutras off the Mat.

Pranayama, Hand Mudra, Meditation & Chanting

• Exploring benefits & practical uses of pranayama
• Preparation for effective pranayama practice
• Identifying common obstacles in meditation
• Strategies for challenges in meditation
• Progression & development in meditation skills
• Use of Hand mudras in Pranayama & Meditation
• The purpose, benefits, & use of hymns & chants
• Sanskrit hymns & chants practiced as part of Vedic tradition.

Teaching Vinyasa

• Strategies for instructing varying levels of ability
• Key principles for crafting effective sequences
• Practical sessions on teaching Vinyasa asana
• Understanding energy flow in a Vinyasa class
• Intelligently sequenced lesson planning
• Hands-on practice sessions for lesson planning
• The physical & mental advantages of Vinyasa
• Essential skills for successful Vinyasa instruction
• Demonstrating, observing, & correcting students
• key Sanskrit terms used in Vinyasa instruction
• Language for clear & impactful Vinyasa teaching

Vinyasa Practicums

• Sequencing Asana labs in preparation for teaching
• Observations & constructive teaching feedback
• Fostering student growth, safety, & inclusivity
• Cultivating a personal teaching style
• Paired & small group teaching labs
• Teaching Vinyasa for confidence & development

yin yoga curriculum in our 200 hour yoga teacher training in bali

Techniques, Training and Practice

• The 5 dimensions of Yin Yoga & their applications.
• The distinctions between Yin Yoga & other styles.
• Physical, emotional, mental, & energetic benefits.
• Sensory & energetic experiences in movement.
• Daily double dose of Yin Yoga practice.
• Myofascial massage, Myoyin, & Acuyin.
• Key skeletal segments in Yin Yoga practices.
• Asymmetrical poses & benefits in Yin Yoga.
• The purpose of Yin Yoga asana archetypes.
• The 7 Archetypes, including upper body.
• A wide variety of creative Archetype variations.
• Functional Yoga principles to Yin Yoga asanas.
• Counter-indications to certain Yin Yoga asanas.
• Safe Adjustments in Yin Yoga.

Anatomy & Physiology

• The 3 Treasures & 4 Vital Substances in TCM.
• The Visceral organs & sense organs in TCM.
• Internal & external symptoms of disharmony.
• The 3 Primary roles of the Meridian system.
• The 12 Meridians of Yin yoga
• The Meridian flow of Qi
• The Meridians & emotions
• The Meridian clock & lifestyle
• The physical structure of Fascia
• Fascia, holding patterns & emotional connectivity
• Myoyin, Myofascial Massage & Acuyin theories
• The Central Nervous system & Vagus nerve.
• The connection between fascia, the brain, & pain.
• Skeletal segments & muscle groups of Yin yoga
• Hip & spine Anatomy analysis.
• Key skeletal variations (hips, spine)
• Applying your biomechanics to Yin yoga.

Yin Yoga Philosophy

• The history of Yin yoga.
• Fascia & Science - the evidence.
• The concept of Qi & Yin Yang theory.
• 5 Element theory in Chinese Medicine.
• The fundamentals of each element.
• 5 Element theory & the visceral organs.
• The 5 Elements & Meridian correlation.
• The 5 Spirits in Chinese Medicine.
• The application of Philosophy in Yin yoga.
• Contemplative & reflective journaling.
• Craft-themed classes rooted in Yin Yoga principles for your future instruction.

Meditation & Pranayama

• The benefits of conscious breathing in Yin Yoga.
• The connection between the breath & Qi flow.
• Hand Mudras, Qi & the breath.
• Meditation for the elements.
• Meditation & pranayama as integral tools.
• Feel confident incorporating these traditional techniques into your personal Yin Yoga practice & teaching.

Teaching Tools, Lifestyle & Ethics

• Key asana Archetype teaching principles.
• Yin yoga asana variations labs.
• Theming with meaning.
• The energetic curve of a balanced class.
• Intelligent anatomical sequenced lesson planning.
• The art of Yin yoga transitions.
• Considering timings, rebounds, quotes & stories.
• Student learning styles & strategies for teaching .
• Creating nurturing connections with students.
• Shadow mirroring from our students.
• The use of language, voice, tone, & vocabulary.
• Healthy adjustments & use of safe touch.
• Becoming comfortable with silence & observation.
• Implementing other yoga styles & techniques.
• The boundaries of a yoga teacher.
• The business side of teaching yoga (including marketing, online, insurance &  legal).

Yin Yoga Practicums

• Teaching labs in upper body archetypes.
• Teaching labs in lower body archetypes.
• Teaching Yin yoga to a small groups.
• Yin yoga practicum observations & feedback.
• Supportive, safe & inclusive learning environment to allow you to grow into your own Yin yoga teaching style.

Accommodation: Your Home Away from Home in Bali

Explore our range of accommodation packages tailored for different needs & budgets, from basic to luxury private bungalows, ensuring you find the perfect fit for your yoga journey.

Secure special discounts by booking early with our Super Early Bird & Early Bird options available 90 & 60 days before the course starts, respectively.

All booking include breakfast each morning of the Training & discounts for onsite cafe & spa.

Save $500USD with out Super Early Bird price & $350USD with our Early Bird Price.


Early Bird Discount
$1785USD Super Early Bird discount
Includes: The full training on beautiful Nusa Lembongan island. Onsite facilities.

Early Bird $1935USD

Regular Price $2285USD

Sandy Bay

Sandy beach just minutes away from our Certified Yoga Teacher Training

Dream Beach

Dream beach another favourite downtime location for students on our Bali Certified Yoga Teacher Training

View of Jungut Batu Beach

View of Jungut Batu Beach for beach front strolls on our Comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training

Mushroom Bay

Mushroom Bay, minutes from our location on our Intensive Yoga Training Program

Devil’s Tear

Devils Tear - a day off excursion option for Mindfulness and Movement Yoga

Onsite pool

Our onsite pool for relaxation and rejuvenation at our Vinyasa Yoga Certification course in Bali

Onsite Cafe

Healthy breakfast treats on our Bali Yoga Alliance Certified Training

Onsite Spa

Onsite Spa treatments during your Yoga Professional Development

Early Bird
$2035USD Super Early Bird discount
Includes: The training & one bed in a bunkbed dormitory with shared bathroom

Early Bird $2185USD

Regular Price $2535USD


The dormitory accommodation for a good nights sleep and a Balanced Yoga Practice


Outside view of the dormitory as you Become a Yoga Instructor


Feel secure with your belongings with our lockers, at your Bali Certified Yoga Teacher Training

Bed Light

Bed side lamp for all our beds in our dorms - budget accommodation option on our Comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Shared Bathroom

Dorm bathroom for budget accommodation during your stay with us on our Intensive Yoga Training Program

Onsite Cafe

A healthy lunch option on our onsite restaurant at our Mindfulness and Movement Yoga training

Onsite Spa

Spa treatments at our onsite spa for rejuvenating downtime during your Vinyasa Yoga Certification


Early Bird
$2335USD Super Early Bird discount
Includes: The training & a private double bedroom with ensuite bathroom

Early Bird $2485USD

Regular Price $2835USD

The beautiful standard room, just one of our options on our Yoga Alliance Certified Training

Accommodation is important on your Yoga Professional Development journey and all our rooms are of high standard.

A Balanced Yoga Practice includes appropriate downtime with our onsite pool

Become a Yoga Instructor whilst enjoying fantastic accommodation and enjoying our onsite pool

The ensuite for your standard room, one of our accommodation options for our Certified Yoga Teacher Training

The bathroom in our standard rooms at our Comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training

Onsite Cafe

Any Intensive Yoga Training Program requires healthy food - our breakfast at our onsite cafe

Onsite Spa

All Yoga Alliance Certified Training requires appropriate downtime, enjoy pampering treatments at our onsite spa


Early Bird discount
$2460USD Super Early Bird discount
Includes: The training & a double bed bungalow with ensuite bathroom

Early Bird $2610USD

Regular Price $2960USD

Any Yoga Professional Development requires comfy sleeping quarters. A photo of our deluxe bungalow room

The outside view of our bungalows at our Balanced Yoga Practice

The bathroom in our private bungalows at our Certified Yoga Teacher Training

the ensuite bathroom our deluxe option accommodation at our Comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training

Any Intensive Yoga Training Program requires a comfortable room. The deluxe bungalow.

Onsite pool

Mindfulness and Movement Yoga with poolside downtime for you to enjoy

Onsite Cafe

Evening meal excursions - Yoga Alliance Certified Training

Onsite Spa

Yoga Professional Development with Spa treatments bringing balance to both body and mind

What’s Included/Not Included

Our gift for you – free 12 month access to an online Yin Yoga Teacher Training to compliment your learning.

What is included in the price?

• Vinyasa & Yin Yoga Techniques
• Chanting, Pranayama & Meditation
• Myofascial Massage, Myoyin & Acuyin
• Hand Mudras & Chi Energy
• 20-Hour Online Anatomy Course
• Hips, Spine & Functional Yoga Analysis
• Skeletal Variations & Student Biomechanics
• The Fascia System, brain & pain.
• Central Nervous System & Vagus Nerve
• Traditional Philosophy & Chakra Physiology
• Chinese Medicine & Meridian Theory
• Yin & Yang Asana Analysis
• Teaching Tools, Business, Lifetstyle & Ethics
• Healthy Breakfast, Free Gift including a 50-Hour Online Yin Yoga TTC, Comprehensive Manual, 10% Off Onsite Cafe & Spa, Evening Meal Excursions & organised Bali Island adventures.

What’s not included in the price?

• Lunch, dinner, stationary & journals.
• Flights, Visa on entry & travel insurance.
• Additional charges apply for accommodation.
• Additional charges apply for boat booking, &/or if you require airport/hotel collection.

NOTE - Accommodation options, Boat tickets & airport/hotel collection are all available to reserve in the booking links with prices. Getting here is very easy; an information pack is sent out when your place is reserved & we walk you through the process.

Our Bali Yoga Teacher Training Daily Schedule

The Yoga Teacher Training Bali course begins immediately upon signing up with a 20-hour online Yoga Anatomy component.

We start at 2 pm with a welcome circle to get to know each other  & introduce you to the training. It concludes at 4.30 pm on the final day for our certification ceremony/celebratory dinner (the dinner is not included in the fee).

Typical daily yoga course schedule

• 7.00 – 8.30pm – Yoga
• 8.30 – 9.15am Onsite Breakfast.
• 9.15 – 12noon – Lecture/Lab
• 12noon – 13.30 – Lunch
• 13.30 – 15.30pm – Lecture/Lab
• 15.30 – 17.30pm – Yoga 

You receive 3 full days off during the Training.

Meet Our Experienced Yoga Instructors in Bali

Our instructors are experienced in facilitating Yoga Teacher Training in Bali & hold E-RYT 500 certifications, ensuring professional instruction. Your studio owner & host, Claire, a resident of Nusa Lembongan for five years, & her team are committed to ensuring your experience is enriching & fully supported throughout your journey.

akirayoga lead yin yoga teacher for our 200 hour yoga teacher training in bali 2024

Claire Green – Yin Teacher

  • Claire brings an extensive wealth of knowledge & expertise to the realm of yoga, with over 25 years of dedicated practice. Her commitment is evident through the completion of more than 3,000 hours of Teacher Training, culminating over 20 years of teaching experience.
  • Her Yoga Teacher Training journey began over 10 years ago when she pioneered personalized Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine Teacher Trainings. Since then, she has meticulously honed her craft, dedicating the past 5 years to structuring & delivering this 200-hour program.
  • Claire’s dedication to continuous growth is evident through her ongoing training with esteemed teachers such as Gillian Russell, Dr. Francoise Freeman, Donna Farhi, Ana Forrest, Maggie Reagh, Neil Pearson, Jaisri M Lambert, Todd Caldecott, Tianne Allan, Nicole Emily Marcia, DV Sridhar, Radha Sridhar, Viji Vasu, Paul Grilley, Jo Phee, Joe Barnett, Tom Myers, Dr. Vincent Chung, Ariele Foster DPD, & Rachel Ellery.
  • With a Yoga Alliance RYT 500 yoga teacher qualification, underscored by Akirayoga’s status as a registered Yoga Alliance school & continuing education provider.
  • Originally  from the UK, Claire has immersed herself on the Nusa Lembongan island in Indonesia for the past 5 years, recently establishing her own Yoga Studio Garden. She will be your first point of contact upon booking, & your host for your journey, alongside her dedicated team.

thia moana lead vinyasa yoga teacher for our 200 hour yoga teacher training in bali 2024

Thia Moana -Vinyasa Teacher

  • Thia, an E-RYT 200 teacher trainer hailing from Jakarta, Indonesia, boasts over a decade of experience guiding students through transformative yoga teacher trainings and rejuvenating yoga retreats in the enchanting surroundings of Bali. Her journey has been marked by a passion for surfing, the art of yoga instruction, and the uplifting ambiance as a multi-instrument musician and skilled vocalist, Thia’s forte lies in mantra singing, meditation, movement, and hypnotherapy.
  • With a profound soul-level connection, Thia consistently creates a transformative experience for her students, making this connection one of the most memorable aspects of her training programs. Born and raised in Jakarta, she brings a unique blend of cultural richness and spiritual depth to her teachings.
  • Thia’s expertise extends beyond the physical practice of yoga. She is a seasoned practitioner and teacher of Yoga Nidra and a scholar in Yoga Philosophy. Thia exemplifies the integration of sacred teachings into daily life, encouraging her students to carry the wisdom gained on the mat into the broader tapestry of their existence.
  • Thia infuses every moment of her courses with a delightful sense of humor and lightness, bringing joy to the journey of self-discovery and growth.

rachel ellery lead anatomy teacher for our 200 hour yoga teacher training in bali 2024

Rachel Ellery – Anatomy Teacher

  • UK-trained Osteopath, New Zealand-trained pilates rehab instructor & internationally recognized anatomy teacher Rachel Ellery, specializes in sharing her knowledge of human anatomy & movement principles with yoga students, yoga teachers, & body workers from around the world.

  • Her mantra “educating & moving the world one body at a time” stems from over 26 years of hands-on experience & 17 years of teaching functional anatomy, bodywork techniques, & movement. Her passion to heal others through touch & movement began while practicing sports therapy in the UK & Caribbean. Rachel naturally progressed into further education at the British School of Osteopathy graduating in 2000. Rachel has also continued training in Cranio-sacral Osteopathy, Garuda mat, dry needling, pediatrics, & shown interest in Eastern medicine healing modalities Wuo Tai, Zen Thai Shiatsu, Thai Vedic Yoga, & the Thai Massage Circus.

  • Since then, Rachel has practiced holistic osteopathy in NZ & is now based in Bali, the healing capital of Asia, she travels within Bali & to yoga schools across the globe to educate yoga students on the importance of human & functional anatomy encouraging them to develop their alignment, self-awareness, teaching skills & to educate others in the wonders of the body.

Experience the Magic of Bali: Enroll in Our 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

Yoga Alliance Accreditation: 

Our Yoga Alliance School accreditation signifies a high standard of yoga education, ensuring that teachers & schools meet established criteria in teaching, philosophy, & practice. It enhances a teacher’s credibility & supports professional growth within the global yoga community.

Heavenly Oasis:

Our Certified Yoga Teacher Training is set in a serene, newly built studio surrounded by beautiful gardens, creating a tranquil environment where nature enhances your practice. The venue includes on-site accommodation, a café, & a spa, with the picturesque Sandy Bay beach just minutes away, offering a peaceful & comprehensive experience for your training journey.

A blend of styles:

This Comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training is an equal blend of both dynamic & more passive styles of Yoga, with the immersion of Chinese Medicine principles, & fundamental Anatomy so that you feel fully competent within your teaching, & feel equipped to teach both Vinyasa & Yin Yoga classes confidently.

Inclusive Breakfast:

Enjoy a delicious, healthy on-site breakfast. Our comprehensive facilities are designed to enrich your relaxation time. Plus, enjoy a 10% discount at our healthy on-site restaurant for any nutritious snacks or juices, ensuring a holistic nourishment for both body & mind during your stay.

Sharing Circles:

Foster meaningful relationships through our sharing circles, which offer unique group learning experiences.

Free Online Training:

As part of your training you receive a 20-hour lifelong Anatomy Online Training.  We’re also gifting you an additional 50-hour Yin Yoga & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Training. This comprehensive package is designed to deepen your knowledge & enhance your teaching skills.

Onsite Spa Discount Treats:

Pamper yourself with a relaxing massage, a deep cleansing facial, or a delightful body scrub, all while enjoying a 10% discount at our on-site salon. This exclusive offer is designed to enhance your relaxation & rejuvenation during your stay.

Evening Excursions:

Discover the culinary & cultural richness of the Bali island through our specially organized top dinner excursions. These outings are fully arranged for you, allowing you to immerse yourself in the vibrant lifestyle & enjoy the best of local dining experiences as part of your Yoga adventure. Note that the cost of dinners is not included, giving you the flexibility to choose according to your taste & budget.


Our Approach to Teaching: What Sets Our Bali Training Apart

Expert Instructors

Learn from experienced & passionate Vinyasa, Yin yoga & Anatomy instructors, with a wealth of experience & dedicated to guiding you on your journey. Our team is committed to providing personalized attention & fostering a supportive learning environment where you can thrive.

Exquisite Location

Dive into the stunning surroundings of Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia, where our studio is perfectly placed just minutes from the beach. This offers you an ideal blend of tranquility for your yoga practice & training, with the convenience of being close to essential amenities, ensuring a peaceful yet accessible Yoga training experience.


Our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training is a product of intense dedication, creativity, & meticulous planning. We’ve invested our passion, commitment, & expertise into creating a memorable Yoga Teacher Training educational experience, ensuring every detail reflects our commitment to excellence in yoga education.

Maximize your time

Enhance your Intensive Yoga Training Program with the chance to immerse in Nusa Lembongan’s captivating island life. Enjoy three days off, with organized dinner excursions & optional adventures, allowing you to soak in the scenic beauty of the beaches & find inspiration amidst nature’s tranquility.

Personalized Approach

We strive to offer a personalized approach & create a supportive environment where you can share experiences, ask questions, and receive tools for deeper self-discovery. This holistic approach aims to enrich both your personal & Yoga teaching professional life.

25 Days of Transformation

Commit to 25 days of transformative learning, allowing ample time to absorb the teachings, practice, & integrate your newfound knowledge. Our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program is designed to foster a profound transformation in practice capabilities & teaching confidence.

Start Your 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Journey Today


Choose your dates & proceed with your booking to secure your spot in our 200h Yoga Teacher Training in Bali & start your study & practice today.

Save $500USD with out Super Early Bird price & $350USD with our Early Bird Price.

Is Yoga Teacher Training for you?

If you’re contemplating a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training but feel unsure, no problem, we know that it’s a significant decision. We understand your investment, & the need for comprehensive information & support throughout this process.

We invite you to use this contact form to reach out directly to the Studio owner, Yin Yoga Teacher Trainer & Training Coordinator Claire, with any questions.

For a more personal conversation, I’m available on WhatsApp at +62 813 5872 0377.

Our goal is to make your transition into this Yoga teaching journey as smooth as possible, ensuring you have all the support you need.

Discover our 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Bali through our dedicated Testimonial Page, where the voices of our global yoga community come to life. This page demonstrates stories, reflections, & transformative experiences shared by those who have embarked on our comprehensive 200-hour teacher training program in the serene backdrop of Bali. Each account is a unique journey of personal & professional growth, highlighting personal insights achieved through our training.

You can also read Yoga Alliance Accredited School testimonials, here 

Our Bali Yoga Location

Start your Nusa Lembongan adventure from Sanur, Bali, with a convenient 20-minute fast boat ride from Sanur Harbor.

To streamline your journey, at the booking platform, we offer services to arrange hotel pickups & boat tickets, ensuring a smooth transition to the island. This allows you to effortlessly dive into the tranquility & beauty of Nusa Lembongan upon arrival.

Our location map for the 200 hour yoga teacher training in bali 2024

Booking Policy

  • We maintain the discretion to decline any application for our 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training program.
  • It is manatory, for all participants to have appropriate medical/travel insurance, for the duration of the training.
  • Enrollment in our Yoga Teacher Training course, signifies a commitement to the learning journey.
  • Cancelation 30 days prior to the start date, are non-refundable. However, before this period, cancelations can be transferred to a alternative Yoga Teacher Training date within a 2 year time frame, excluding the initial deposit paid.

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