Small Group Yoga Training Benefits


In the intimate setting of small group yoga training, as Yoga trainers, we have a unique opportunity to observe & connect with each individual student on a deeper level. This enables us to understand your specific needs better & tailor the training accordingly, ensuring maximum benefit for each participant. Small group settings allow for flexibility & customization, unlike larger groups, where a more rigid schedule may be necessary to manage the higher numbers.

Many of us have experienced yoga classes in large groups, where we can feel unseen & disconnected from the teacher. Limited personal assistance may be available, & it can be challenging for your individual needs to be met in such settings.

In contrast, small-group yoga training settings empower trainers to observe the group’s response to each topic closely. We can regularly check in with you to gauge your understanding & adjust the pace of the training accordingly. This approach supports your progress by allowing you to process & assimilate the teachings at a pace that aligns with your learning style. Each group is unique, & our ability to adapt our approach is crucial to meet the diverse needs & dynamics of the participants.

Other small group Yoga training benefits include:

Experience a personal & enriching connection with trainers in our small group setting, where we prioritize understanding your unique learning style & responding to your individual needs. By getting to know you better, we create a learning environment that maximizes personal growth & productivity.

Receive personalized guidance on your bio-mechanics & how to adapt Yin yoga asanas to suit your body, assist you with variations, helping you discover what works best for you and why. We can observe your body in a small group & closely provide tailored support.

Feel confident and empowered to ask any questions. In the intimate setting of a small group, you will find a supportive environment that encourages you to find your voice & seek clarification.

Experience a focused & less distracting learning environment. With 20 or fewer students, distractions are minimized, allowing lead teachers to engage with the group & provide attentive guidance. We remain aware of what is happening within the group, both inside & outside the classroom.

Forge lasting friendships & connections. Small group yoga settings foster a nurturing space where deep bonds can form among fellow learners. Collaborative activities, such as working in pairs with all group members, help you gain confidence in your teaching skills & develop meaningful connections.

Receive valuable individualized feedback & support. Our small group setting enables us to offer personalized feedback based on our observations & your progress throughout the training. Your input & feedback are equally important to us to improve our training & ensure it meets your needs as valued students.

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