50-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali – Certified Alliance Training

A holistic 7 day journey with our 50-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali program. In just one week, you’ll acquire a solid understanding of Yin Yoga with Chinese Medicine principles.

50h Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Bal

Explore the rich wisdom of Chinese Medicine philosophy, uncovering its intricate links to physiology & the visceral organ system unique to Yin Yoga. Gain a deep understanding of the harmonious interplay between the Meridian system, organs, & the subtle signs of balance & imbalance.

Engage with essential anatomy concepts, such as the physical & emotional aspects of the Fascia system, & connections with the nervous system, hip anatomy & skeletal variations, muscle groups, & the practical application of Functional Yoga. Immerse yourself in specialized classes centered on Meridian-based practices, integrating Myofascial massage, Myoyin, & Acuyin techniques.

Immerse in a nurturing & holistic environment that enhances your sensory & energetic movement experience. Cultivate a profound connection with your body, refining the skill to listen & respond with sensitivity, fostering inner balance & harmony.


2024 Dates & Times

3rd – 9th November | 8th – 14th December

Each Training Bali date starts at 2pm for a welcome circle, & introduction to the Training, followed by a Yoga Masterclass. On the last day, we end at 4.30pm, for the certificate ceremony & a celebration Sunset dinner.

From $649USD – Save $200USD with out Super Early Bird price & $100USD with our Early Bird Price.

What You Will Learn in the 50 Hour Teacher Training

Receive personalized guidance & delve into your bio-mechanics. With a limited enrolment of 20 students, you’ll experience a highly individualized learning journey.

Join our Yoga Alliance-certified 50-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. Dive deep into a holistic Yin Yoga journey, enriched with Chinese Medicine principles. Ideal for aspiring teachers & enthusiasts eager to expand their practice & knowledge

yin yoga and chinese medicine bali 2024 curriculum

Techniques, Training and Practice

• The 5 dimensions of Yin Yoga & their applications.
• The distinctions between Yin Yoga & other styles.
• Physical, emotional, mental, and energetic benefits.
• Sensory & energetic experiences in movement.
• Daily double dose of Yin Yoga practice.
• Myofascial massage, Myoyin, & Acuyin techniques.
• Key skeletal segments in Yin Yoga practices.
• Asymmetrical poses & benefits in Yin Yoga.
• The purpose of Yin Yoga asana archetypes.
• The 7 Archetypes, including upper body.
• A wide variety of creative Archetype variations.
• Functional Yoga principles to Yin Yoga asanas.
• Counter-indications to certain Yin Yoga asanas.

Anatomy & Physiology

• The 4 Vital Substances in Chinese Medicine.
• The Visceral organs & sense organs in TCM.
• Internal & external symptoms of disharmony.
• The 3 Primary roles of the Meridian system.
• The 12 Meridians of Yin yoga
• The Meridian flow of Qi
• The Meridians & emotions
• The Meridian clock & lifestyle
• The physical structure of Fascia
• Fascia, holding patterns & emotional connectivity
• Myoyin, Myofascial Massage & Acuyin theories
• Fascia,  the Central Nervous system & Vagus nerve.
• Skeletal segments & muscle groups of Yin yoga
• Hip Anatomy analysis.
• Key skeletal variations (hips)
• Applying your biomechanics to Yin yoga.

Yin Yoga Philosophy

• The history of Yin yoga.
• Fascia & Science – the evidence.
• The concept of Qi & Yin Yang theory.
• 5 Element theory in Chinese Medicine.
• The fundamentals of each element.
• 5 Element theory & the visceral organs.
• The 5 Elements & Meridian correlation.
• The 5 Spirits in Chinese Medicine.
• The application of Philosophy in Yin yoga.
• Contemplative & reflective journaling for self-growth.

Meditation & Pranayama

  • • The benefits of conscious breathing in Yin Yoga.
    • The connection between the breath & Qi flow.
    • Qi & the breath.
    • Meditation for the elements.
    • Establish meditation & pranayama as integral tools for well-being.
    • Feel confident incorporating these traditional techniques into your personal Yin Yoga practice.

Daily Schedule

Embark on an immersive 50-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Certification in Bali, starting with a welcoming circle at 2 pm to foster connections & introduce the comprehensive 7-day curriculum. This Yoga Alliance-approved training delves into the principles of Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine, offering a holistic approach to yoga teaching. Our journey finishes with a certification ceremony at 4:30 pm on the final day, followed by a celebratory dinner (not included in the program fee).

Typical daily yoga course schedule

• 7.00 – 8.30pm – Yin Yoga
• 8.30 – 9.15am Breakfast.
• 9.15 – 12noon – Lecture/Lab
• 12noon – 13.30 – Lunch
• 13.30 – 15.30pm – Lecture/Lab
• 15.30 – 17.30pm – Yin Yoga 

Accommodation & Training Packages

Explore our comprehensive range of Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali Accommodation Packages, tailored to fit every student’s needs – from basic, affordable lodging to luxury private bungalows. Perfect for those participating in our 50-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Certification, our options ensure you find the perfect fit to enhance your yoga education journey.

Secure your spot with significant savings through our Super Early Bird & Early Bird specials, available up to 90 & 60 days before the program starts. These exclusive offers are designed to make your transformative Yin Yoga training experience in Bali as accessible as possible

All bookings are inclusive of breakfast each morning of the Training & discounts for the onsite cafe & spa.

Save $200USD with out Super Early Bird price & $100USD with our Early Bird Price.


$649USD Super Early Bird discount

Includes: The full training. Not Included: Accommodation.

Early Bird $749USD

Regular Price $849USD

Sandy Bay

Sandy Bay a serene Bali beach, perfect for yoga sessions on our 50h Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Dream Beach

A photo of dream beach just minutes away on our 50h Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

View of Jungut Batu Beach

The amazing view of Jungut Batu Beach enjoying Bali life

Mushroom Bay

Mushroom Bay beach is just minutes away for you to enjoy downtime on our Bali Yin YTT 2024

Devil’s Tear

A photo of Devils tear, a popular tourist spot for students on our Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Onsite pool

A photo of our onsite pool during your Yoga Certification program with us.

Onsite Cafe

A photo of our healthy breakfast, inclusive each day of the training in our Yin Yoga teacher training Yoga Alliance accredited programs

Onsite Spa

Spa treatments available during our YTT

$719USD Super Early Bird discount

Includes: The training & one bed in a bunkbed dormitory.

Early Bird $819USD

Regular Price $919USD


A photo of our dorm room during your stay on our Yoga Certification training


The outside view of our dormiatory budget accommodation available on our 50 Hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali

Dorm Lockers

A photo showing all our Dorm room have security lockers for your convenience on our Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Bed Light

Your Dorm bed has personal lighting for you to enjoy on our 50h Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Shared Bathroom

A photo of our shared bathroom for Budget accommodation options available on our 50 Hour Yin YTT Bali

Onsite Cafe

Healthy meal options are available in our Bali Yin YTT 2024

Onsite Spa

Gorgeous Spa treatments available on our Bali Yoga programs


$803USD Super Early Bird discount

Includes: The training & a private double bedroom/ensuite bathroom

Early Bird $903USD

Regular Price $1003USD

The standard room, one of our options on our Yin Yoga YTT

The standard room for all your accommodation needs on our 50 hour yin yoga teacher training for 2024

Eco-Friendly Yin Yoga YTT with Onsite Pool - Nusa Lembongan 2024

Onsite pool for our Yin Yoga Certification Ceremony in Bali

50 Hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali 649USD

The Standard Room bathroom available onsite as part of our accommodation options for our Yoga Certification Bali program.

The Standard room bathroom - an onsite accommodation option for our Yin Yoga Teacher Training 2024

A photo of our Standard room bathroom for our 50h Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Onsite Cafe

A photo of our healthy breakfast inclusive on our Yoga Certification program.

Onsite Spa

A photo of our gorgeous spa treatments available in our onsite spa in our 50h Yin Yoga Teacher Training


$838USD Super Early Bird discount

Includes: The training & a double bed bungalow/ensuite bathroom

Early Bird $938USD

Regular Price $1038USD

A photo of our standard room, a delightful accommodation option in our 50 Hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali

A photo of the outside view of our deluxe bungalow, the luxury accommodation option available on our 50-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training for 2024

The ensuite bathroom in our Deluxe bungalow accommodation option for your YTTC BALI course

A photo of the ensuite bathroom in the bungalow accommodation options for your Bali yin TTC

The Bungalow accommodation option for our 50 Hours Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Bali

Onsite pool

Onsite pool within our 50 Hour Yin YTT Bali

Onsite Cafe

We provide evening meal excursions to enjoy beach island Bali life on our 50h Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali

Onsite Spa

Enjoy pampering experiences with our onsite spa in our 50h Yin Yoga Teacher Training

What’s Included/Not Included

OUR GIFT TO YOU – Free 12-month Access to an online Yin Yoga Teacher Training to recap essential learning principles & includes Yin Yoga master classes.

What’s Included

  • Yin Yoga Practice Principles & Techniques
    Myofascial Massage, Myoyin & Acuyin
    Yin Yoga History & Philosophy
    • Fascia – physical/emotional analysis
    Hip Anatomy
    Functional Yoga & Biomechanics
    Meridian theory, emotions & clock
    Chinese Medicine key principles
    Asana Archetype labs 
    Pranayama & Meditation Program
    All props required, & healthy Breakfast
    Free gift & access to a 50-hour online TTC
    Comprehensive Yin Teacher Training Manual
    10 % off onsite cafe & spa purchases.
    Evening meal excursions for island viewing

What’s Not Included

• Lunch, dinner, stationary & journals.
• Flights, Visa on entry & travel insurance.
• Additional charges apply for accommodation.
• Additional charges apply for boat booking, &/or if you require airport/hotel collection.

NOTE – Accommodation options, Boat tickets & airport/hotel collection are all available to reserve in the booking links with prices. Getting here is very easy; an information pack is sent out when your place is reserved & we walk you through the process.

50 Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Trainings Bali

This 50-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training program in Bali offers a deep dive into the distinctive style of Yin Yoga, seamlessly integrated with the fundamental principles of Chinese Medicine. Crafted for those looking to establish a solid understanding or elevate your practice or to complement existing Yoga Teacher Training credentials.
Our 100-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training offers a comprehensive deep dive into the realms of Chinese Medicine, enriched with studies in spinal anatomy. It intricately explores the connections between fascia, the brain, & pain management, alongside Yin Yoga teaching methodologies & Asana Archetype teaching labs. It also covers essential ethics, the intricacies of Yoga as a business, & hands-on teaching practicums, providing a holistic platform for both aspiring teachers & practitioners.


Yoga Alliance Accreditation:

Our Yoga Alliance School accreditation marks a distinguished level of yoga education, teaching techniques, philosophical depth, & practical application. This accreditation amplifies our teachers’ reputations & fosters their professional advancement within the expansive yoga community worldwide.

Heavenly Oasis:

Experience serenity in our newly constructed studio, nestled within verdant gardens where nature & simplicity enhance your practice, adding a layer of tranquility. Enjoy the convenience of on-site accommodation, café, & spa, with the picturesque Sandy Bay beach just a short stroll away.

Chinese Medicine:

Our 50-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training Bali program weaves in fundamental aspects of Chinese Medicine, offering a comprehensive understanding of Yin Yoga’s principles, history, Anatomy, Philosophy, & the intricate connection between the visceral organ system & Meridian physiology. This integration lays a solid foundation for a deeply embodied comprehension of Yin Yoga practice

Inclusive Breakfast:

Indulge your body & mind with our delicious, healthy onsite breakfast, designed to enrich your relaxation time. With access to our comprehensive onsite amenities, your downtime is guaranteed to be of the highest quality. Plus, enjoy a 10% discount at our healthy onsite restaurant for any additional nutritious snacks or refreshing juices

Sharing Circles:

Foster meaningful relationships through our sharing circles, designed to offer collaborative learning experiences.

Online Training Free Access: 

Gain complimentary online access to our 50-hour Yin Yoga & Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Training, enhancing your educational journey.

Onsite Spa Discount Treats:

Treat yourself to ultimate relaxation with a rejuvenating massage, a deep-cleansing facial, or a sumptuous body scrub, enjoying a 10% discount at our onsite salon as a cherished guest.  

Evening Excursions:

Discover the island’s gourmet wonders & dynamic culture with our premier dinner excursions, meticulously planned & arranged for you (note: cost of dinner not included)


Why Choose Our 50h Yin Yoga Program in Bali?

Expert Instructor

Gain insights from a dedicated & enthusiastic Yin yoga instructor, committed to accompanying you on your transformative journey. Our Bali studio team pledges to offer individualized support & cultivate a nurturing learning atmosphere, ensuring you flourish in your practice.

Exquisite Location

Dive into the stunning beauty of Nusa Lembongan, Indonesia. Perfectly situated a short distance from the beach, our studio offers a tranquil, quiet, & serene setting for your Yin yoga learning journey, with the convenience of nearby amenities.


Every facet of our Training embodies our relentless effort, commitment, & creative flair. With careful planning & thoughtful design at the forefront, we have devoted our heart & soul to curating an exceptional Yin Yoga educational experience

Maximize your time

Enhance your journey with the chance to discover the captivating island charm of Nusa Lembongan through our arranged dinner excursions & optional adventures. Immerse yourself in the pristine beauty of its beaches & draw inspiration from the serene natural landscape.

Personalized Approach

Embarking on this journey with us transcends mere training; it is a personalized approach. We emphasize personal development, offering you avenues to share your stories, seek answers, & equip you with the means for self-exploration. This process is designed to enrich both your personal & professional teaching, ensuring a holistic growth experience.

7 Days of Transformation

Dedicate seven days to transformative learning, granting yourself the space to deeply assimilate the teachings, refine your practice, & incorporate your newly acquired insights. Our comprehensive program is tailored to progress your yin yoga practice, ensuring a profound shift in your approach & understanding.

FEEL READY TO JOIN the 50-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training?


Choose your dates & proceed with your booking to secure your spot in our 50-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Bali & start your journey today.

Save $200USD with out Super Early Bird price & $100USD with our Early Bird Price.

Is Yin Yoga Teacher Training for you?

Feeling uncertain about embarking on a 50-hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training? It’s completely normal! Deciding to join a training program is a big step, & we fully understand the need to be well-informed. If the thought of starting this path feels daunting, please know that our dedicated team is here to support you at every turn.

To ensure you have all the information necessary for this Yin Yoga experience, we invite you to fill out our contact form. This gives you direct access to ask any questions you may have to the 50-Hour Yin Yoga TEACHER TRAINER & our Training Coordinator. And if you’re looking for a more personal touch, feel free to drop me a message on WhatsApp at +62 813 5872 0377.

We are committed to facilitating a smooth & enriching experience for you, so don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. Let us assist you in taking the first steps on this Yin Yoga Teacher Training adventure!

Explore our Student Testimonial Page, dedicated to the voices of participants from our 50-Hour Yin Yoga Teacher Training in Bali. Here, we present a heartfelt compilation of stories, reflections, & personal breakthroughs shared by individuals who have journeyed with us through this immersive program. Each testimonial offers a unique perspective on personal growth, deepened practice, & insights into wellness & balance experienced by our attendees. Whether you’re looking to enrich your understanding of Yin Yoga, aspire to guide others, or seek inspiration on your journey toward well-being, these stories attest to the positive experience of our Bali-based Yin Yoga teacher training.

You can also read Yoga Alliance Accredited School testimonials, here 

Our Location

a map of our location for our 50 hour Yin yoga teacher training bali.

Begin your adventure to Nusa Lembongan from the charming seaside town of Sanur, Bali. Your route to the island, Sanur Harbor, connects you via a swift 20-minute fast boat journey.

Through our booking platform, we offer the convenience of organizing hotel pickups & securing your boat passage, ensuring a smooth journey to Nusa Lembongan. Step off the boat ready to dive into the tranquility & breathtaking scenery that await you.

Booking Policy

Booking Conditions
  • We reserve the right to refuse a student’s application for a teacher training.
  • All trainees must have their own travel & medical insurance for the duration of the training.
  • By signing up for the Teacher Training course, you commit 100% to the course content with an open heart & motivation for learning.
Cancellation Policy
  • If you choose to cancel within 30 days of the start date, all payments are non-refundable.
  • Before this date, your booking & the amount paid will be postponed toward a future teacher training or retreat within a 12-month period
  • Please note this does not include the original deposit paid.

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