Free Yin Yoga Teacher Training

Unravel with YIN in our free Yin Yoga Teacher Training, diving deeper into the essential principles and techniques that define this reflective practice. Experience a journey of self-discovery, grounded in the ancient wisdom of Yin Yoga.

free yin yoga teacher training

Dive into the essence of Yin Yoga in this exploration video. This journey illuminates:

  • The historical origins of ‘Yin’ yoga
  • Its deep connection with the meridian system
  • Insights into Fascia as the key connective tissue
  • Understanding the causes of tension in the body
  • The interplay between physical, emotional, and mental well-being
  • Contrasts between Yin’s reflective practice and the active Yang yin yoga teacher training

free yin yoga teacher training

Discover the amazing benefits of Yin Yoga in this insightful exploration. We delve into how this practice harmonizes body and mind, offering:

  • A path to body/mind balance
  • Significant benefits to the physical body
  • A deeper connection to the energetic body
  • Positive impacts on the nervous system
  • The release of old wounds for emotional healing
  • An enhancement of sensing abilities
  • The cultivation of introspection and inner awareness.

free yin yoga teacher training

In Yin Yoga, we master the art of relaxation, adopting specific shapes and employing variations and props to foster ease in targeted areas.

This practice of stillness invites us into a state of receptivity and reflection, encouraging us to tune into the subtle sensations and messages our bodies communicate.

Embarking on this journey of deep listening and aligning with our inner wisdom might seem straightforward, yet Yin Yoga offers distinct challenges.

These challenges enrich our practice, guiding us to a deeper understanding of our physical and mental landscapes

free yin yoga teacher training

Ever wondered about the significance of the rebound in Yin Yoga?

Including a rebound phase in your practice brings a multitude of benefits—physical, mental, and energetic.

This pause provides a crucial opportunity to fully absorb and integrate the deep impacts of the previous pose, giving both body and mind the space to assimilate and react.

By embracing the rebound, you open yourself to the wealth of possibilities it introduces to your Yin Yoga experience, enhancing every aspect of your practice.

free yin yoga teacher training

Let’s dispel the misconception that Yin yoga is simply an easy & restorative practice. While it may share some similarities with Restorative yoga, Yin yoga embodies a unique essence that sets it apart & adds depth to its practice.

Yin yoga is a transformative journey that blends the meditative & nourishing qualities, weaving them into a tapestry of physical & mental challenges.

It is a bittersweet dance between stillness & exploration, inviting us to embrace the profound depths of our inner being.

Our Yoga Teacher Trainings in Bali

Join us in Bali for an unforgettable Yoga Teacher Training experience, where the beauty of nature meets the depth of practice

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Bali – 2025 Dates coming soon

Experience the ultimate balance in our immersive 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training. The journey begins with dynamic Vinyasa & in-depth Anatomy exploration, paving the way for the second half focused on Yin Yoga, weaved with the principles of Chinese Medicine.

Yin Yoga & TCM Teacher Training Bali From $519.20

Combining Yin Yoga & Chinese Medicine Philosophy, Physiology, Functional Anatomy, complimentary Fascia techniques & essential Archetype labs, teaching ethos & practicums. Understand fully the what, why, & how of Yin yoga. Offering a comprehensive 50-hr program or an immersive 100-hr experience.


Explore essential Philosophy, Meridian system, Visceral organs, & harmony/disharmony indicators gaining insights into their interdependence. Immerse yourself in captivating Anatomy concepts, delving into the Fascia system, muscle groups, skeletal structure, & the core principles of Functional Yoga asanas. Cultivate essential teaching tools to refine your skills in effective lesson planning. Engage in immersive learning with a comprehensive 90-minute five-class series, embodying the five elements for a holistic learning experience. Additionally, a 2-hour master class will empower you to master meridian-focused target areas, enabling you to craft themed classes rooted in meridian principles for your future instruction.


Tailored to honor each elemental season, these programs offer an enriching & personalized toolkit. Unveil the interplay between organ health & overall well-being as you explore the internal organ system & corresponding Meridians. Immerse yourself in 90-minute practices & embodied meditations, harmonizing your body, mind, & spirit. Expand your exploration beyond the yoga mat with season-specific recipes, the properties & use of crystals, & practical lifestyle suggestions for navigating challenging emotions effectively.

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