Superficial Back Line & Yin Yoga


The Superficial Back Line (SBL), within our fascia matrix, is a continuous line of connective tissue that runs in two pieces: the soles of the feet to the heels & back of the knees. From the knees to the back of the legs, along the sides of the spine & back of the neck, all the way to the top of the head, to your brow line.

Fascia is connective tissue, that weaves its way throughout the body, it supports, & separates our bones, organs, muscles, nerves & blood vessels & connects every part of your body with every other part.

Your bones actually float in a sea of soft tissue & are held in position by our muscles & fascia.

Your fascia connects with our nervous system & brain, & this is how we feel pain, through the fascia sensory cells.

It is this interconnectivity of the fascia matrix throughout the body that can cause physical trauma in one part of our body to result in pain and/or tension felt elsewhere.

Fascia can thicken in one area to support a completely different body part & this can further affect the interconnected structures within its tissue web. Creating lines of tension, pressure on blood vessels, and nerves & holding patterns within our muscles, as the body adapts to the stored pain/tension.

This interconnectivity is why the sole of the foot can be a source of pain felt within the leg or lower back, & why massaging the soles of the feet can also increase the flexibility of your hamstrings. It also explains why your lower back may ache or hurt when you spend a lot of time hunched over a desk or computer.

Superficial Back Line & Yin Yoga Myoyin Snail Pose

yin yoga and myoyin

In this photo, I’m performing a Superficial Back Line Yin Yoga Myoyin variation of the Snail pose, to stimulate both the SBL & Urinary Bladder Meridian.

The Urinary Bladder meridian is primarily associated with the emotion of fear, & just as the physical lines of pull/tension we can hold in the body, can produce pain in a completely different area of the body, emotionally, any ‘fear-based’ emotions can also be manifested/expressed through other emotions, such as anger &/or sadness.

It’s quite normal for us to experience a range of varying emotions because of the interconnectivity of our whole system. Mind – Body – Spirit. It’s all connected.

Within all my live teacher training in Bali, I explore a wide range of creative  Superficial Back Line Yin Yoga postures. Whilst offering you real practical applications in how to integrate Myofascial massage, Myoyin & Acuyin techniques into your Yin yoga practice & how to work with trigger points.

All the training also details the anatomical fascia system layers, connections with the Nervous System/brain & our pain sensory cells.

I also explore what are & why we have physical holding patterns, understanding trauma & the effects on our fascia system, & subsequent Nervous System/brain.

Together with explaining the functionality & Qi interconnection of our organ system. How our internal health relates to the Fascia & Meridian system & how ALL this relates to the range of emotions we can all feel.

Becoming FASCIAnating about your Fascia?

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