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Yin Yoga Selfcare

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Yin Yoga Selfcare Online Courses

Experience online holistic well-being with our Online Seasonal Yin Yoga Self-care program. This curated toolkit offers personalized enrichment for each elemental season.

Discover the profound interplay between organ health & overall well-being as you explore internal organ systems & corresponding Meridians. Engage in invigorating 90-minute practices & embodied meditations to ignite balance within. Beyond your mat, immerse yourself in season-specific recipes, the properties of crystals, & practical lifestyle suggestions for navigating emotions effectively.

Take moments for introspection, guided by the natural cycles of the seasons. Find solace in nature’s rhythmic ebb & flow, reconnecting with your center.

yin yoga self care

Yin Yoga Selfcare for Spring

As spring awakens, it brings forth the energy of movement, fluidity, & renewed creative energy.

Embrace spring’s vibrant energy by listening to your body’s wisdom, allowing it to guide your movements & deepen your self-connection. Explore the possibilities of this renewal season & let spring’s essence infuse your practice, opening doors to new perspectives & experiences.

This online course inspires curiosity, leading to personal growth & progress.

yin yoga self care

Yin Yoga Selfcare for Summer

As we transition from spring to summer, the vibrant wood energy evolves into the full expression of the Yang energy represented by fire. Summer brings heightened energy, dynamic action, & a season of expansion, motivation, & abundance.

This online course invites you to ignite your inner flame & connect deeply with your heart center. Tap into your personal power to create & manifest. Allow the fire energy to fuel your passions and inspire you to take bold steps towards your goals.

yin yoga self care

Yin Yoga Selfcare for Late Summer.

As fire energy wanes, we transition into the nurturing late summer season, represented by the earth element. It harmoniously integrates the vibrant Yang energies of spring & summer with the calming Yin energies of autumn & winter.

During this season, we find our center & cultivate trust in ourselves & the world. It’s a time to slow down, listen attentively, & build confidence in our body’s innate intelligence.

In this online course, embrace the qualities of the late summer season. Honor the importance of slowing down, listening to your body, & connecting with your intuition.

yin yoga self care

Yin Yoga Selfcare for Autumn.

As autumn arrives, the energy of metal takes center stage, representing accumulation & release. Like shedding unnecessary layers, this season reminds us to let go of what no longer serves us.

Draw inspiration from valuable minerals & metals, reflecting on your self-worth & value. Embrace the essence of autumn as an opportunity for release & alignment with your true self.

This transformative online journey sheds burdens, uncovers true worth, & reveals inherent harmony within. Allow the energy of autumn to guide you toward self-discovery & growth.

yin yoga self care

Yin Yoga Selfcare for Winter.

Winter embodies the reflective & cooling energy of the water element, inviting rest & inner nourishment. Embrace the spirit of winter by cultivating courage & letting go, discovering the transformative power of releasing attachments, & embracing life’s flow.

By letting go, we shift from the sympathetic to the parasympathetic nervous system, releasing anxiety & finding calm & restoration. This supports overall well-being, replenishing vital systems like digestion & the immune system.

Embrace the wisdom of winter on this online journey of self-discovery. Surrender to the rhythms of rest & restoration, experiencing the profound benefits of harmonizing your body, mind, & spirit during this introspective season.

Online Yin Yoga Teacher Training 50 Hours $395

Embark on an enriching journey with our immersive Yin Yoga Teacher Training. Immerse yourself in the profound philosophy, meridian physiology, intricate anatomy, & empowering teaching tools. Uncover the art of embodying these principles within your practice & beyond the mat.

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